DAN’S THURS.DOORS-July (week1)

Sorry the doors in Solvang (USA!) are in the shade

Anything quirky in California seems to be in Auburn – one hour North
of Sacramento. Also, Sac. does not look like a capital of the state
of Los Angeles and San Franciso at all

One of the ale houses here.

3 thoughts on “DAN’S THURS.DOORS-July (week1)

  1. Beautiful photos as always, Jesh!

    I meant to drop by often but I couldn’t find the link in your Blogger profile. I tried to locate your blog in an old post that you commented as Juniper/Jesh, the message “thejeshstudio.wordpress.com is no longer available” appeared. Then when I clicked on “lesh Stgermain”, there was nothing on your user profile. Finally, by sheer luck, I saw “Emille” on Keith’s blog and it lead me to your blog!

    So glad we connected again!


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