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Pastel, 18 x 24  inch, Touching the Hem © St Germain

“Who touched me?” asked Jesus. His friends thought
that was an odd question
since they were in a large crowd of people.

Then Jesus explained, “Someone did touch me,
because virtue (anointing) has gone out from me. “
It turned out to be that this woman had touched the hem
of his garment, because she thought, if I only could touch
the hem of his robe, I will be healed from my disease,
because Jesus was known as the Healer.

For this painting I chose the granular cold-pressed Arches
watercolor paper. Perfect for a sketch-looking painting
where only the most important things
are highlighted, and the rest is kept sketchy.

The large painting of Rembrandt inspired me,
how he puts a young woman (almost looking like a child)
lighting up in between all the soldiers
of the most otherwise famous dark setting
of his painting The Night Watch.

“Multiple” for One Word Sun, Makro-Tex: summer

If a flower would be a person,
this would be a lovely woman. I am smarter than
the judge of the supreme court just elected
who could not answer the question
when asked what a woman is.
Okay to disagree, just don’t let me know about it, lol.


You see the two turkeys? And Multiple wood to burn for winter (hubby sliced a 60 footer)
Der Natur Donnerstag, Sat Critters

Nothing but me to reflect on our deck of our house
on the country side.
Weekend Reflection

An awesome outstretched swirl at the end of the day
Sky Watch

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25 thoughts on “MULTIPLE

  1. Hello,
    Beautiful painting and love the flowers! I did find the turkeys. Great capture of your reflection. The sunset is pretty. Great post and photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend. PS, thank you for leaving me a comment.


    1. Yeah, I usually don’t use a light blue for people in the distance:) – would paint more in pastel, if people could see what I’m painting from a distance:) The first flowers cost me, standing (inadvertently) on an ant hill!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The flowers in the first photo seem like they go on forever. And nice to see you in reflection :).


  3. That story about the hem is one of my alltime favorites. So mysterious.

    When my parents lived in Idaho they would buy these long logs and saw them up. I helped them a few times. It’s a wood fire warms you twice even if I was using a chain saw. Then I had to split them old school, wedge, and a sledge hammer.

    Enjoy your weekend


  4. It’s a story that shows how much the ministry of Jesus was about healing of all diseases – people without a name or status – I love that!
    I really miss the woodstove in our previous house and the warmth it gave. I never was cold inside, no matter how cold it got outside (in the mountains at 3000 feet it’s much colder for a longer period of time). Here in TEX I am dressed warmer in the winter than I did in the mountains!


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