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Oil, 24 x 24 inch, Butterfly Β© St Germain

My plan was for butterflies to be a whole series,
which collapsed after the 2nd one
I did in pastel. So much for that:)
Who knows, there will be a time
in the future that I pick up this series again:)

My wish for this country is that it will transform in a butterfly
– beautiful and free to roam wherever it wants,
instead of the ugly constricted caterpillar it is now.
Makro-Tex, Pict. Tue.


My weekly smile if for this little girl who visited with her family
last week and tried out Nana’s new pottery wheel and made
a painting for her mom (my daughter)
Weekly Smile

You may know Monday is JuIy 4th, Independence Day in the USA.
You may not know the flag is called Old Glory.
Now far away from us, on the outskirts of Sacramento.
Tue Travel, Sky Watch

One match for the BBQ will light the fire:)
One Word Sun.: match

Strolling with the family to have some dessert – gelato
Pink Saturday

Red Hibiscus
Garden Affair, FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Thia nation is known by its big cities, Hollywood, national parks etc.,
but after a while you discover
that most of the country is littered with small towns
and country side. These may be less people
in number and clout ($$), but after a few decades, I find
the people who live here, are the heart and soul
of America. (okay to disagree!)
Weekend Reflection

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49 thoughts on “JULY FOURTH MATCH

    1. Thank you Dan. My family (5 people) left yesterday, and it was fun but extremely tiring, so I don’t even remember if I left a comment for Thurs. Doors – I’ll be more with it coming Thurs! Hope you have a fantastic 4th!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Carol – I kind of liked painting this oversized butterfly. After hosting our family this week, it will be a quiet 4th, but that’s okay with me (I already ate too much BBQ-ed meat and brownies, anyway, lol)


  1. Hey, did you know that Trader Joe’s is kinda subsidiary of German ALDI groceries chain? I hope it reflects in dirt cheap prices.


    1. “You may not know the flag is called Old Glory.”
      As an outsider I did indeed not know that. Always thought it’s called the Star Spangled Banner or sumfink like that.


      1. It’s both the star-spangled banner, and the old glory. am going to collapse your comments in one. Trader Joe used to be cheap in California – it’s start was in Monrovia CA, but for some reason (maybe transportation?) in Texas prices have really gone up with covid – for us, about $20 per week. But they have these tasty pre-made salad combinations and inventive salad dressings Aldi for sure does not have. In the heat of Texas, all we eat for almost half a year salad is the main dish, haha.


    1. Thank you Bushboy – actually my country of origin is the Netherlands, but after my doctorate is was because of the kids, then grandkids that we are still here:)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Family always keeps you in a place. My children are still around here so I won’t be going any where soon.
        Emille I didn’t think was a very American name. I guess I should call you Dr Emille πŸ™‚
        I am Brian aka bushboy πŸ™‚


      2. Emille is my blogname, because anywhere on the internet when previous clients discover me, they want to connect with me, so I use pseudonyms and a heavily edited profile image- only use the dr. when people try to mess with me, lol.


  2. Always pretty your paintings.What a great photo of the grand-daughter. It is so framable. She’s beautiful. Always fun when the kids can visit.


    1. Yeah, from early on I decided I didn’t want to be a boring grandmother, so when they’re at my house there is always something to do/make:)


  3. Love the butterfly painting and pastoral scenes. Hope you had a great 4th of July weekend!


    1. Thank you Amanda. JUly 4th was recovery day of the week before of having family over, and the 3 kids kept me running, lol (fun though)


    1. Thank you Keith, you are the second one who is saying that about the butterfly. McKenzie is a character, with lots of energy, and she loved bugs from very early childhood on, so she keeps everyone on their toes with her ideas:)


  4. We have two white butterflies hanging around in our yard daily. I hope you get back and paint the third butterfly. Butterflies remind me of FREEDOM too. Amazing that they have these tiny wings and can fly all the way from Wisconsin to Mexico where they rest. Your daughter has a beautiful smile. Agree with you that the people in the small towns in the good ole U.S.A. are our heart and soul.


  5. The 4th of July was not very happy in the US πŸ₯² Terrible things happening in Europe too. I loved most the photo of family strolling on the street searching for gelato! Wishing a sunny new week.


    1. Thank you Riitta, my middle daughter’s family. Oh, so that news about the 4th of July even reached Europe, eh? It was different for many Christians. We had an awesome picnic with waterslide, etc.


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