Oil, 24 x 30 inch, Breakout of the City, © St Germain

Back to another large auditorium and big podium,
so I knew it had to use bright colors
for people to see what I was painting.

There are a few main concepts here.
The example of the king in war,
he sets the example of bravery
to break out of the city.
The second was the Keys to win the war.
The idea of anticipation to war and conquer
hung in the air of the city.

The third is the large doors. On the left
another Key is displayed on the left door,
disguised as a tree.

Had this painting displayed on my last art workshop
in April and interestingly the one who
liked this one the most, had overlooked the keys!
(all participants pick their favorite painting
out of the bunch, is how I like
to start a workshop, to get everyone involved)

This is what summer in July means to me: be at all times close
to a fan or air-conditioning, so you don’t have
to walk around feeling drenched for the rest of the day.
Texas is proud of their longhorn cows as you can see.
One Word Sunday: summer; Three cows: Thurs. Trios

Behind the Scenes for Makro Tex
A corner in a bookstore in San Diego – now closed – where also
deserts and drink could be bought. The ideal place to sit down
for a few hours to do a watercolor, read a book, look at jewelry,
shawls in the store.

Can’t remember where I took this image
Garden Affair, FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Not a care in the world for these two!
Seen in the harbor of Sacramento
Travel Tue. Der Natur Donnerstag, Weekend Reflection

Closing with a fierce sunset.
Weekend Sky, Sky Watch

SATURDAY – Sat. Critters * Garden Affair * Weekend Sky *
SUNDAY – One Word Sun* Suns Best*
MONDAY – Weekly Smile * FOTD *
TUESDAY – Tue. Pictorals * Makro-Tex * Travel Tue *
WEDNESDAY – Wordless Wed. * Der Natur Donnerstag * Thurs. Trios *
THURSDAY – Thankful Thurs.* Sky Watch* Floral Fri Foto *
FRIDAY – Fri Bliss* Weekend Reflection *


37 thoughts on “SUMMER IN JULY

  1. Each painting has its special merits, whether color, form or balance, but I especially like the painstaking and delicate treatment of the reflecting water.


  2. Hello,
    Your painting is pretty, I love the tree on the door. The poppies are lovely. Great capture of the geese, they have no worries. Beautiful sky capture! Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, enjoy your weekend.


    1. Happy you like i!. It has a lot of movement: open doors, the keys, and the blotches of color – maybe that is what draws you in? Emille


  3. Gorgeous photos – the book shop reminds me of The Upstart Crow in Seaport Village – I love American bookshops, they are always so happy to mix books with food, drink and relaxation, so very unlike over here in the UK sadly. The poppies are stunning too, those colour pop!


    1. Diana, that is where this is – Seaport village (couldn’t remember the neighborhood – it seems a long time ago we were living in Costa Mesa, about 1 1/2 hrs. drive N. from it, and used to hang out here on Saturdays) – my sense is, it’s all about business that they allow this:)


    1. Yeah, the subject called for drama. Actually it’s harder for me to do a demure or devotional one, because of the way I paint and the colors I use. Thanks for coming by, Keith!


  4. Nice photos as always. I particularly like the corner in the bookstore and the poppies! 😺🌺


  5. Wish I could see one of your live painting sessions. Remarkable skill! The cozy corner of the bookstore, poppy blooms and the sky are among my favorites this week.


    1. Thank you Shiju. As any artist, one time everything goes well, and with another painting you struggle for months. That one I will show too, because I am determined to come to a satisfactory end. Am happy you like the poppies and bookstore. Than to think that I added the last one later!


  6. Hello Emille, I like your pictures as well as your photos. The photo with the poppies is beautiful, but the sunset is also impressive.
    Warm regards – Elke


  7. You have such striking photos, often i have to go back three or four times and I still see new things.

    I love shot of the bookstore interior. Here in Tulsa we are lucky in that we got a few new independent bookstores open up where one can sit down and drink coffee or whatever.


  8. Beautiful set of photos! It would be great to see you on podium painting! I guess it would be very intimate experience.


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