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Oil, 24 x 24 inch, Entrance, © St Germain

For the life of me, I don’t remember
what this painting represents! But, for me an entrance
into the unknown is always a challenge. My sense of the place
and ambience, also on blogs, will lead me further, or away.
How do you guide yourself?
Only remembered  painting this in front of an audience,
which means this painting has to do with my faith.

Don’t the dual in number and color look delightful?
One Word Sun, FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Seaport Village in San Diego
Wordless, Weekend Reflection

Happy to have a neighbor who spends much care with his garden,
and we get the benefit of the view of this beautiful tree.
Makro-Tex: pink

Driving to Vacaville, CA, a bottom blurry drive-by
but I couldn’t resist this cloud!
Sky Watch, Weekend Sky

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35 thoughts on “ENTRANCE –

  1. That;s interesting that you can have had such strong reasoning and drive to make the painting but then in time not even know what it was meant to mean. I sometimes find old stories and forget I even wrote them,…but that’s just my memory these days….


    1. Lydia, haha, am glad I am not alone in this.There are also stories though, that do not have any drama for others, but I can remember any single detail:)


  2. I love a big drippy splashing fountain that cools everything down.
    I love taking photos on a road trip while my wife drives. I don’t mind the blurry foregrounds.
    Your art is very striking.


    1. Am happy you don’t mind blurry foregrounds:) That’s what I do – clicking the camera, since hubby prefers to drive! Thank you for your compliment on the painting! I’ve made peace with the awareness that there will always be better painters than I am, but to be overlooked would be hard to take!


  3. Not knowing what the painting represents makes it all the more interesting and open to the viewer’s own interpretation. As for the blurry drive-by, I think it’s a great effect.


  4. The entrance into the unknown picture speaks to me as I am unexpectedly entering an unknown season of life. I’m not sure what it represents either, but the rocks, the people- one in white, the other in dark clothing- the rushing water seem to reflect my changing emotions day to day. I too hope my faith will carry me through.


    1. The past 2-3 years I have had the same feeling, several times. It would be normal to have questions about our ability, especially when it is unexpected. Hopefully you will find out soon, what it is all about and stay close to the Source to gather what you need to get through this new season!

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