Oil, 36 x 36 inch Three Angels, © St Germain

Don’t turn to another blog just yet.
It’s not about whether you agree or not,
but what happened in the process of painting!

I still lived in California when I was painting this,
probably in Spring of 2019 before moving to Texas.
Trump had chosen two new supreme court justices,
but not Amy Cony-Barrett yet!
I remember clearly, that I was so frustrated ,
since I wanted a male looking angel on the right
(probably because the last 2 justices
who were chosen were male).
Yet, no matter how hard I tried, a female face came out.
Also, I had already painted the foetus before
 I moved to Texas, where I finished it tentatively in 2020.

Remember, I did not know who the next justice would be,
even less that we were so close for Roe versus Wade
being changed back to the individual states.

Another interesting feature is in 2019 I could not
have known about the corona-China virus, but the bridge
 I painted leads up to the Statue of Liberty!
(This one is in the Chinese garden
of the Huntington Library Gardens in Pasadena, CA.)

My focus was on three angels
that would be important for that time of day:
community, liberty, and justice.

You can imagine that I was just as
surprised as you when I suddenly
saw the articles about Roe vs. Wade.
I think it’s a better road, because it should
not be up to judges what I want to do with
my body or not.

Love the transparency of glass.
One Word Sun

This is what happens when you invite a chef for dinner:)
Reflection on the blue bottle.
Weekend Reflection

Almost wilting, but loved the reflected light on these
FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

There is not much sand in Yosemite, but took this capture
for a future painting, for I love the contrasts here.
Travel Tue, Der Natur Donnerstag

Mellow countryside sky
Sky Watch

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MONDAY – Weekly Smile * FOTD *
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WEDNESDAY – Wordless * Der Natur Donnerstag *
THURSDAY – Sky Watch * Floral Fri Foto *
FRIDAY – Fri Bliss * Weekend Reflection *


By the way, the ads do NOT belong to my blogposts


21 thoughts on “A BETTER ROAD

  1. I like your painting. Don´t know much of your (U.S.A.) domestic policy so the implications escapes me. But still I like it.

    I also like the glass objects. I´m currently working as a photographer in the recycling center. I take photos of all things that´s on sale in our webstore. There´s plenty of designers of glass in Finland. Many are famous in global scene mind you.


    1. Thank you Keith, it’s so telling that Europeans are able to separate the meaning from political events! I didn’t put it in the post (did not want to give the wrong impression), but he had a whole crate of wines in the back of his car, and let me choose – that was fun:)


    1. The rolling green hills is close to Sacramento – here in Texas the grass has turned brown by now, and temps have been for 2 last weeks a 100 deg. F and up!


  2. I love your fading roses and the light you mention.

    I love your notice about the ads. I follow a lady overseas who is a devout Christian and I am sure she is totally unaware of the ads for revealing lingerie that are all over her site. I for one am not going to say anything.


    1. Thank you for your comment about the roses, Alan. Ugh, that is terrible …I wonder how come she does not see them… but maybe that is a blogspot site? If it’s getting worse with the ads, am thinking about a .com, but I actually don’t spend $$ on it… anyways, have a great weekend. am glad there are still people like you in the world!


  3. Interesting picture, I’ll have to take a closer look. Thank you very much for your comment and I wish you a nice weekend.
    Greetings Eva


  4. You predicted in your painting the future incidents, intriguing. Pretty photos all of them. The glass jugs look fine in your photo. I love art glass, and glass in general.


  5. Yes, Jesh. The foreshadowing of events in your paintings is astounding.
    As I’ve mentioned before, you truly are an instrument of God.

    Hugs and blessings, dear friend 🙏🧡


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