Oil, 24 x 30 inch, Eagle Rising, © St Germain

In the middle of this painting I got stuck ,
because my intent was for there to be
a few levels of meaning,
instead of a normal view on a landscape.
Finally finished this view after five months.
Almost everything changed, when I went to Photoshop
to work out the changes, before I used my paint brush.

The eagle is the symbol for America. In the grand scheme
of things of the world, this nation needs to rise again.
And it can, with all the promises God gave to this country.
They are written in its mountains, rivers, and fields,
as well as in the Constitution.

Maybe not known around the world, but around 80%
of people living in the USA believe in God
and live accordingly.
What you see and hear from the media
is sadly not the truth at all!
The latter go by their individual view and
their pursuit of numbers watching.

Part of the church though really needs to get off the fence,
become vocal to let its voice be heard.
It needs to rise up by opening its doors greatly.

In the pandemic it cowered and bowed the knee
to the demands and lies of the current government.
What’s dangerous about that?

You may not know, but here (USA) every decision
goes back to the Constitution.
Their declaration of independence,
states that – each state individually – is
for the people,
and is ruled by the people.

Never had interest in politics, but in recent years
things became so chaotic, I needed to know for
my own peace of mind, who was telling the truth.

Coming myself from a country ruled by a king,
(the Netherlands) and a government of ministers,
it took me the last two years to finally realize
what that meant. According to the Constitution
it means that every state basically rules itself
and is able to deny the demands from Washington DC,
unless the Supreme Court makes a ruling against it.

White, pristine, and peaceful for a flower
Garden Affair, FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Wordless Wednesday
Lasr Day of July

Paint concrete for One Word Sun. – that article on Youtube
was very helpful. White is beautiful for a flower, but
for concrete steps I would have chosen another color:)

A lake or pond does not have to be big to have an impact, but pretty.
Love the reflections in front of the image here.
Weekend Reflection

Big impact clouds
Weekend Sky, Sky Watch

SATURDAY – Garden Affair* Weekend Sky *
SUNDAY – One Word Sun * Suns Best *
MONDAY – Weekly Smile* FOTD * Last Day *
TUESDAY – Tues. Pictorials * Makro-Tex* Travel Tue *
WEDNESDAY – Wordless Wed.* MidWeek Monochrome*
THURSDAY – Sky Watch * Thankful Thurs. *
FRIDAY – Fri Bliss * Weekend Reflection *




23 thoughts on “EAGLE RISING

    1. May have forgotten to tell you, I really liked the structure of your concrete wall – when there is an interesting finish, I don’t mind concrete:)


  1. A good collection of photos for so many challenges. I am glad that I was included with a Last Photo of a deliciously cooling iced tea. Thanks for joining in Emille 🙂 🙂
    PS I must agree with you and Debbie, white is not a colour for steps and entrance ways


    1. You are welcome – was planning on the Last Photo for so long, and I finally DID it:) It’s just that I don’t like scrubbing and cleaning (white) if it’s not necessary:)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. My guess is that percentage wise most of these believers do not live in the big cities, but more in the smaller towns and on the country side. The church as an organization is also still more woven in cultural life. It is not only on Sunday, as more in Europe, but if you like friends and events during the week, the church provides much social life.


  2. Nice painting!
    I agree about people in Europe smoking more.

    “80% of people living in the USA believe in God and live accordingly.”
    I don’t believe The “and live accordingly.” part.


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