Oil, 24 x 24 inch, Continental Flowers, © St Germain

One of my absolute no-no’s is to paint a flower or a lion,
when it is called a prophetic painting. Here I was,
seeing these daisy- looking flowers in a field.
Frustrated, I said to myself, “what’s up with this?”
Then, I decided to again think about what God
could have in mind. At this moment, the same
image appeared again. “Whaaat … oh, now I see,”
when looking in the hearts of these flowers,
having a continent in each one.

I instantly understood, because a whole group in
this crowd was preparing themselves to go
on a missions trip in Asia. Many
for the first time. When I told the
overseer of this group, some gathered around him.
They began to be excited about this and ended
up waiting for everyone to come
and have a group photo with this painting.

Talking about instant confirmation and gratification:)
A little too late to convince me God does not
exist, or is not interested in our daily affairs:)

Mossy stones at a lake. close to San Andreas

Colorized this Photo feature in Photoshop.
Reflections in the harbor of
San Diego
One Word Sun, Weekend Reflection

Have begun to like certain greens. Like on this table

A perfect Hibiscus

Zippy Clouds

SATURDAY – Garden Affair * Weekend Sky *
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23 thoughts on “CONTINENTAL VIEWS

  1. The tiny continents in each flower are so cool! Very creative.

    I also love the mossy stones along the late. I’m headed back to the desert this weekend for a very different kind of stone surface, but yours looks very calming.


    1. About the continents: it pays to ask God questions, since he is the Creator:) The mossy stones were about an hour from our house, back then, when we lived in Pioneer (on the way to Lake Tahoe). These are close to a small lake (enough moisture to grow in California!) I like the rocks in the desert too though, at least it’s not all sand:)


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