Oil, 36 x 36 inch, When the Lion Roars, © St Germain

This painting was a vision a prophet in Ireland had.
I was so moved when hearing it in March on Youtube,
I felt I should paint what she described.
This is the forest of the nations below a rainbow sky.
What she saw in this forest, was the stump of
 (president Donald) Trump. To her surprise
and relief, she saw that there was new life on this stump.
The growth accelerated when she heard the lion
(symbol of the lion of Judah) roar. I don’t know
to which time that refers to.

You might have heard that many were
very upset and angry when his house
in Mar-a-Lago (Florida) was raided,
 a few weeks ago, and the FBI spent
 nine hours in the house while the family was not there.

These kinds of raids have been happening since 2016,
to several people but the timing of this one is
suspicious, just a few months before
before the primaries of the elections in November.

Also, this has never happened to any of the presidents
(who have the right to declassify any document)
One of the rumors (Dinesh Souza and others) about
the reason of this raid is to snatch the documents of the
embarrassing FBI involvement of the Russia hoax
We will see how this story will develop …..
One Word Sun – curve of the rainbow


In Sept. roses are still blooming where I live
FOTD, Makro-Tech, Floral Fri Foto

Wordless Wed

Stil weather to BBQ salmon and salad weather in September here.

Cannot remember if this was shown before!
In any case, not for the reflections …
Weekend Reflection

Wordless Wed, Sky Watch

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