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Oil, 18 x 48 inch, Rehab’s Help to Escape, © St Germain
Rehab, a prostitute, lived on the wall of the city. The Israeli
spies in a land of giants needed help to escape unseen,
or be killed.
In the dark of night she lowered them with bed sheets
to the other side of the wall.

Would you accept help from a known prostitute?
Yes, they knew what she was,
because of the place where she lived.

Hard to wrap our mind around the fact that God
may use people who in our eyes live a despicable
life, to rescue people who are on a mission for God.
Because of her courageous act, God rewarded her.
God has an aweful lot of mercy and grace, doesn’t he?

Sunflowers look good or interesting in every stage of their life.
Garden Affair, FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Pumpkins are a welcome to Fall, they are already seen in the store –
LOW to the ground.
Makro-Tex, One Word Sun (Oct.9)

Wordless Wednesday
Sat/ Critters
In the Californian mountains at 3000 feet, deer were part
of the neighborhood gang.

The row of reflections made this demure office building
Travel Tue, Weekend Reflections

This wild sunset filled up my whole visual field with light
Sky Watch

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25 thoughts on “UNEXPECTED HELP

  1. What’s so dispicable about prostitution? It’s a social service, the oldest job in the world, and I guess it’s only with the invention of Christians that prostitution was sent into the dirty corner. In Germany the whores even unionized and paying taxes and are social insured.


    1. You always make me smile, because you give the most unexpected views of most who visit me. Lived in Germany for a year, but did not know that (but that was in the 70ties, so may be the social insurance came later?) By the way, how are things – hope things go well with you?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, thx, very well. We’re not in Germany, living in South Africa since, like, 22 years now. So we are in no danger of freezing to death in winter.


  2. What a sky!!! Beautiful,
    When I started blogging, one thing I learned from other bloggers was to appreciate flowers and blooms through their whole lifecycle.
    I love pumpkins!!
    And God’s grace is infinite.
    Enjoy your weekend!!


  3. That is a lovely pink sunset, I always admire them!

    I agree, God has a lot of mercy and abounds in love that even those labelled “despicable” or “dirty” He chooses to be an instrument to help His people. Such is the wisdom of God that it is sometimes hard to comprehend. I personally feel the situation that Rehab has been in, where people judge us for our past and dismiss us right away when we talk about our lost years in prison. That’s where we are always so thankful to God, for He gives a second chance and has sent Jesus to redeem us from the shame that we have endured. Thanks for sharing this post


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