Oil, 24 x 30 inch, These Walls Came Down © StGermain

Again, like a repeat of history, as in the story
of the Israelites freedom of the Egyptian Pharaoh
I showed a few weeks ago, this is another repeat
in this present time in how the walls of Jericho
are coming down when the shofars will blast
and “the Israelites” shout their victory cry.
It is said that satan lived on the moon.
The meaning of the word Jericho is moon!
Baby bones have been found in the walls.
These things may be a reason why the Israelites first 
had to conquer this wicked city before they
could go on taking their promised land.

You would be excited too when you had to walk
seven days in a row around a city
before the victory would come to pass.

This painting was much work. Before I paint a well known
Biblical subject I usually look up stock images
to make sure my design and approach of the subject
will be different. There were not many images!
What is interesting is that is sometimes
more work to present something “messy!” But it
was worth the work, because yesterday I met
someone who fell in love with it and purchased
it while the paint was still drying:).

Some bright colors from San Diego to vy with the painting
FOTD, Garden Affair, Floral Fri Foto

It seems in Fall the deer are more visible.
When deer get used to you,
they dare to look at you (they always run away
from newbies)
Makro-Tek, Sat Critters

One of the many harbor views I have come to love
in the same city
Tue Travel, Weekend Reflection

Sometimes it’s not really the sky, but what it’s
leading up to…
Sky Watch

One Word Sun: light, Wordless
on route of Nevada, Lake Tahoe

MONDAY – Weekly Smile* FOTD*
TUESDAY – Makro-Tek* Tue Pictorials * Travel Tue *
WEDNESDAY – Wordless Wed.*
THURSDAY – thankful Thurs.* Sky Watch *
FRIDAY – Weekend Reflection * Floral Fri Foto*
SATURDAY – Garden Affair * Sat. Critters *
SUNDAY – One Word Sun * Sun Best*



24 thoughts on “THESE WALLS CAME DOWN

    1. Carol, I know – have been neglecting my blog lately since I have been so busy with organizing workshops and scheduling artists for a new art dept. at our church. so, a long way to say – yes, things are great, just a little too busy:):)


  1. Some nice views there, the harbor, the deer. I have a soft spot for the hillside with the electric/communications towers. I feel like people overlook views like that.


    1. That is different from the desert. Have seen rabbit, fox. possum, coyote, (not seen, but was there and mangled our fence gate) bear, and turkeys and deer often.


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