Oil, 24 x 30 inch A Priceless Gift, © St Germain

She was looked down upon
because of her reputation
But she was the one who
gave a gift that was worth
a one year’s wages
and put it on the feet
of Jesus …

and put the gossipers
to shame. An alabaster
jar with expensive oil,

which showed the real
condition of her heart.
A poignant reminder
not to judge people by
what they are known for.

Wordless & weekend reflection – Background graffiti wall
with in foreground reflection on hood of blue car
Austin center

French Drain
Shortly after we moved in summer 2020 the backyard
neighbors had a water fest for their grand kids,
and water suddenly was standing in our yard.
Hubby was perturbed, but concluded
our yard must be lower than theirs.
His knowledge about drains to the rescue.
For a “French drain” he dug a trench of 60 feet behind
the shed (on right), filled the bottom with little rocks,
put a pipe in with holes and wrapped them in a “sleeve”
(purchased at home improvement store).
to prevent the water from collecting and standing,
and put a thin layer of sand over it.
No more floods in our back yard!

Makro-Tek: a Moment of being stunned , Der Natur Donnerstag

Can you sing this high as me?
One Word Sunday

Even in Fall tulips look great
FOTD, Floral Fri Foto, Garen Affair

The scenic route to San Andreas
Sky Watch

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7 thoughts on “A PRICELESS GIFT

  1. Love the road near San Andreas (I might have even been on it earlier this year). The graffiti/mural/car reminds me of my post last week 🙂

    Hope you are having a great week. Mine was quite hectic, so catching up with WW friends now.


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