We have lived here now for over two years, but have not found the combination
of relatively affordable priced coffee,
an attractive shop,
and great service.
I know (sigh) Peets coffee has spoiled us.

Watch out! It has been a very long time, I have seen this
in front of a store
– a broken up surface at the front door of a store –
Spoiled? Yep

No color match! The door and pillar of a nice color,
but the colors right next to it in the store ?!
Have to admit – this is the least dangerous
of the gaffes a store could make, but as an artist
this one would probably “bother” me (too strong
of a word, but it would make me wonder, at least) the most.


5 thoughts on “COFFEE THURSDAY DOORS (Thanksgiving)

  1. Great doors and a significant challenge (finding a good coffee place). I laughed at your comment about the paint color. I make the same observations about construction and woodwork details. The people renovating a house on our street mitered the left side corner of the entrance door but made a square (butt) joint on the right side. I want to go over and fix it!


    1. Oh, that is even worse than badly matched colors! Dan, I can’t believe you are making this sacrifice to do Thursday doors on Thanksgiving! Give yourself an extra dessert – reward for this:):)

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