(Part of the 10 x 17 feet painting)
Sorry this shot is a bit blurry, and because of the lack of detail
I suspect that this is not the last draft of my painting.
Also, a part of another group (disciples) is shown here, because
of the lack of space (intended to have place
for as many groups a possible) between the two groups.

Research for each person here. The kimono tells that the couple
is Japanese. The two people above them are
in that same area. The couple on the left are Indonesian,
and the three girls are Chinese. The couple on the bottom
are Eurasian (originally Asian but moved to Europe afterwards).

Talking about this area, there’s much going on right now.
Fervently hope and pray the protests in China will not end
in a blood bath like Tienanmen square. The Chinese people
deserve their freedom and not be treated like cattle,
like they have been up till now.

Which flower could be better here than the Jasmine?
FOTD, Garden Affair, Floral Fri Foto

A heartwarming moment between two birds,
with the reflection of a puddle.
Weekend Reflection, Sat Critters

Colors for One Word Sunday
Oh … where is my white horse in the tree? …

For a full six years we lived here, this Open Air museum was for sale. Any takers?
Der Natur Donnerstag

In the area I lived before, they are having a winter storm!
Here in Tex. in the 70-80ties this week.
Makro-Tex (November)

A cloud landscape
Sky Watch

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26 thoughts on “EAST ASIA

  1. When we left it was still for sale. I felt for the owners having to keep up 5 acres:) You realize I haven’t seen it for 2 years also, since we moved to TX in Aug 2020?


    1. Thank you Amanda for coming by – as far as I know it (the zoo) is still there, unless someone bought the 5 acres and used it for another purpose. Yes, thank you, small birds often are cute:)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Different – if you are talking about the ethnic groups in the painting – yes, that was what I was trying to portray (- which in this part of the world), easy!
      Painting is my life, so every week is artistastic :):)


    1. Yes, that may be the way I see the East Asians. Hope there ever comes a time that they will not be ruled by tyrants, and we can learn how they really are!


  2. Back in the day when I lived in south Texas I loved the winters. Sure sometimes it would get cold but lots and lots of sunny days.


    1. Yeah, the thing that trips me up is that after 5 days of warmer weather, it turns the next day 30 degr. colder for a week or so. So different from California, where 5 degr. difference was a lot!


    1. Oh, that means cold! Hope you have enough heat to keep you warm! Heard from a friend who has friends and family there right now, some people are wrapped in blankets:( Hope next winter there’s a better solution for heat!


  3. Hello,
    Your painting is pretty. I like the birds together with the reflection photo. The open air museum looks interesting. Our weather is getting very cold this week, especially the few days before Christmas. Merry Christmas to you and yours!
    Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Take care, have a happy weekend.


  4. I like the jasmine flowers, dear Emille.
    But I hate having to scroll through these horrible ads to get to your comment box.
    Kind regards – Elke


  5. Nice reflection and painting! Coincidentally, last night I dreamed I was in China shouting “freedom” to groups of people. I was being chased by authorities before I woke up. I felt like God wanted me to pray for China, so I did. The strange thing is China hasn’t been on my mind lately.


    1. Things are really bad in China now, and the government has no shame – wow, am glad you got the message of that dream and prayed! That’s how things often happen with me. There was even a time I was woken up every night, and by the time I reached the living room a city or country came to mind. I prayed, and after that I immediately fell asleep, which is a miracle in itself.


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