The North Region of my 10 x 17 feet painting The Wedding Feast

The human side of this project

This is the right side of the North. Sorry because of the lights
in the studio the colors are less saturated than this, but Photoshop
elements did not let me come closer than this.
The background mountains are a view of an area in the
Grand Canon called “the bright angel.” Fitting, eh?

This view shows that every little detail required research,
I mean, research as in graduate school, hours and hours
on end, eating and sleeping it for a whole month,
even before I painted anything. For the
Northern parts (ethnic groups) there were
not many images available.
The lighted city is a representation of the heavenly city
Jerusalem. Also that required reading
in the book of Revelation: 12 gates!
For me it is fun to watch when people start pointing,
recognizing as they say,
“Oh, that is…”
Somehow visitors always know that there are two president faces
on top. Left is Lincoln, the right: take your pick.

Blooming on my plant bench as we speak
FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

I love it when kids are SECURE in their abilities
One Word Sunday

Borrowed from my Thurs. Doors post for
the reflections in Old Town Sacramento
Weekend Reflection

Melting snow at Yosemite National park
Makro-Tex, Wordless Wednesday, Der Natur Donnerstag

One of these rare occasions where I have my camera
with me at the right time!
Sky Watch

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WEDNESDAY – Wordless Wednesday * Der Natur Donnerstag*
THURSDAY – Sky Watch * Thankful Thurs. *
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SUNDAY – One Word Sun* Sun. Best*


19 thoughts on “GO NORTH

    1. Once in a while my creative thinking comes back:) Hope things are well with you? (we’re hearing here about people not being able to pay their heat bill, etc.)


    1. Thank you – hearing new and good things about Arizona this time:) It must be a courageous decision to change parties (Kari Lake), because of the consequences!


  1. That’s a big project. The details in the painting speak about the research and hard work that was put into it. Are they your students? The painting behind them looks like one of yours. Love the sky shot!


    1. I just took a look at other parts of your blog, and the picture of your painting and the staircase brought home to me just how large it is! I then took a look at the post about the painting which I found fascinating.


  2. Very nice photos – and I love the painting at the beginning!
    I am pleased that you are interested in my Costa Rica travel report 😊 – there are already two new chapters.
    All the best from Austria 👋, Traude
    PS: I have a request for you, since I always have to search for the link to your blog: can you please put it in your comment? That would help me a lot – THANK YOU!


  3. Your art is amazing!!
    I tutor a 2nd grader in reading and it is amazing when the lights come on in their eyes during a session.


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