The left side of the Northern part of the 10 x 17 feet painting.
My apologies for my Western interpretation! Well,
actually not apologies, but I know that I could have
painted a different view of the bride and bridegroom,
but since I live in the West part of the globe, more people
in the West are likely to see this, than in other parts of the world.

Actually, except for the size (people who are7 feet in height)
this was the most uncomplicated part of the painting,
for I had seen this view before, when I complained
to God that I had to move from the church I so loved,
and I had no idea where I would end up next.
I was standing, and in a second
this view rolled out in front of me
(you may know I am only 5’3″)
In shock, I looked up and down and had to agree
I would not be able to paint this in my condo.

At the end of this series, when I have shown
all the views of this painting, you will see
the bride and bridegroom from top to bottom.

It brought me a big smile
when they gave me the roomy foyer with
big windows to use
(so I don’t have to deal with light when we are painting)
for the Art workshops and small group meets. Also happy
that since the first workshop a few guys have decided to join.
Weekly Smile, Monday Windows

About the TITLE of this post, more underneath the last capture

Just playin’ with the hydrangea
FOTD, Makro-Tex(pretty colors), Garden Affair, Floral Friday Foto

Don’t know why most farmers in California and Texas
mainly have cows, and hardly any sheep,
it’s not only meat but also wool:)
Sat. Critters

Wordless Wednesday
Blurry, but this is exactly how it looked like.
Hard to see where the plants go over into their reflection of it.
Weekend Reflection

The Clouds for Sky Watch and the Sky Line for One Word Sunday

Debbie from One Word Sunday has a great variety of subjects,
and she can, because she is a seasoned traveler
and an excellent photographer.
The skyline may be far off, yet, it is still visible. It immediately
brought me to the psychological skyline. The point
where earth and heaven meet.
Heaven is the unthinkable, the impossible.
Yes, it takes traveling and growing, getting over big rocks maybe,
but it’s worth it, isn’t it? Although the valley is comfortable
and safe, I like to see what’s beyond the horizon –
the unthinkable, impossible – I am all for that:)

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  1. Happy New Year! Great paintings and photos. I particularly like the pastoral scenes that are so vibrant with the stormy skies and wet weather.


  2. Love your comment about ranchers and sheep. My mother’s side of the family are cattle ranchers and sheep drive them bonkers. They call them range maggots but they all graze on BLM and Forest Service owned land so they have to coexist.


  3. Seems to be all cows here in my part of KY. I wish we had more sheep. I like that pasture scene. Thanks for linking up.


  4. Happy New Year! I am glad that you are sharing your talent with others. One never knows where creativity will take them. Rain does add a mystery to images. A hydrangea came towards me, I picked up the dead blossom and plan on taking a photograph of it soon. A gift from the wind this week.


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