Oil, 9 x 7 feet, The Cloud, St Germain
A break in my series of The Wedding Feast

In the Old Testament of the Bible, God appeared
in the form of a cloud, and every day
a pillar of cloud accompanied them on their travel
in the desert during the day.
In 1906 a cloud came for some time into the room
where believers were gathered during the revival back then.

Even in this current time this same cloud has been seen
in gatherings of people. As follows, this type of cloud
represents the presence of God.
It may appear in the room when people are focused on
worshipping God, as in this painting.
Maybe you can see that almost on the top of this
painting you see two angels pouring gold dust
on the people, which is
often an accompanying feature.

This is the first painting bigger than 36 x 36 inches.
This was meant as a practice painting to see if
I could handle this size. To my big surprize
this scene only took three weeks
to paint.

My Lantana in the backyard.
The sun was shining finally …but there was a gusty wind,
so it’s a bit blurry.
FOTD, Garden Affair

He was helping out his brother at an art market,
but when he saw this dog, he had eyes for nothing
and no one else. For the love of dogs:)

Can’t figure out why the reflections on top are upside down, but not on the lower half?
One Word Sunday

This rabbit looks like it could eat some more …
sorry little guy, nothing to eat in our backyard!
Der Natur Donnerstag, Sat. Critters

Sky Watch

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Most of the week I will not be home, but I hope you still will comment. If linking
at the Ipad does not work out, I will catch up with you guys, the week After.



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