Just back from some days in California, a story which began when
we saw this white peacock in our yard.
See the little crown on its head? Had never realized how
big these birds are. Its height was higher than my knee.

This bird came walking into our yard when the photographer
to photograph our house was there for the sale of our
house. After a while it began to pick at the glass of our front door.
She probably saw her reflection in the glass, and thought
it was another peacock.

The next day it came back and after a while really
started insistently pecking at our glass door. Had no idea
how strong its beak was, and did not want our door damaged,
so hubby navigated her out of the yard.

Since then I did some research. White peacocks are not common,
but albino ones with red eyes are even more rare.
Supposedly there are only 10 alive in all of the US.

When you have read my blog for a while,
you know I pay attention to serendipitous events.
I have never seen a peacock, other than one in the zoo,
much less a white one. To see one in my yard, on the day
when starting to prepare for our house sale, was remarkable.

My favorite doors are white, since they are so Californian.
This was the first “foreign country” I lived after the Netherlands
where I grew up. In the Netherlands you will not find many
white doors. Second place is a black door – so chic;)
For One Word Sunday Weekend Reflect

One thing I liked about our condo life in Southern California,
was the landscaping, and not having to take care of it:)

Wordless Wednesday

To explain: the realtor took this with her cell phone, at one of the
houses we were looking at 4000 feet altitude. It made me smile,
because it is so telling of me struggling, and hubby
holding my hand and patiently waiting for me catch up.
Height does matter, folks!

What else could I finish with other than a Californian sky?
On the route between Pioneer and St. Andreas.
Sky Watch

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23 thoughts on “BACK HOME

  1. Amazing to have seen the peacock so up closely. Our neighbors down the road have peacocks, but they are all different colors. They use to walk across the road and be in the road, but haven’t seen them lately. First I heard them making their call? I didn’t know what it was. My very young grandson said grandma, those are pecons. That was first I ever knew they existed down the road.


  2. Love that peacock! I used to want one for our farm until I learned how noisy they can be. lol Thanks for linking up!


    1. You are probably right about the climate for peacocks. You’re on twitter – how did you land here? do you also have a blog
      The green hills were probably taken in Spring:) Have a great week:) Emille (Jesh)


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