Back to my 10 x 17 feet painting. It takes a while to
talk about 110 people!
In the early stages of this painting
I had sketched in the ten virgins

Time was in my favor, because at one moment I realized,
yes, there were ten virgins
but only five made it to the Wedding Feast
(the title of the painting),
because five did not have enough oil in their lamp.

In need for some warmth of flowers.
We had a winter storm last week in TX
Every yard was littered with branches
and several with trees that had collapsed.
Am happy the city will pick up all the debris
that will be stashed at the front yards
for the next two weeks.
One Word Sun
FOTD, Garden Affair, Flower Fri Foto

This was the second place I painted on Sunday for a few years.
The illustrious building of the Philharmonic Orchestra
in Pasadena. Never realized that this capture had
reflections of the foyer,
like the winding staircase (top right).
Weekend Reflection

Another grand building, this one in Georgetown in TX,
in Renaissance style, but earlier layout of the town
– everything is built around -this becoming the town square

First two days of February –
Thankful that this tree in front did not collapse
like the huge one in the back yard!
Makro-Tex, Der Natur Donnerstag

Sky Watch
Savoring any sun we can get in winter

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WEDNESDAY – Wordless Wed * Der Natur Donnerstag *
THURSDAY – Sky Watch * Thankful Thurs *
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6 thoughts on “TEN BECAME FIVE

  1. The painting is really amazing. I like that you’re sharing bits of here in little pieces. I’m sure I missed some of it when viewing the painting in person.

    The ice encased branch is neat looking.

    We’re supposed to warm up a bit this week. Maybe our huge snow pile will begin to melt. We think it will take until May for it melt completely. 😀


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