Love to travel, next to my love for art.
As a five year old I traveled on a big steam liner from Indonesia to the Netherlands, like hundreds of others did. In that time Indonesia had become independent from the mother country, and most of the ones with a Dutch citizenship decided to go to the Netherlands.

Grew up in the Netherlands, and Europeans like to vacation each year in another country. When I married I joined my husband in W-Berlin for a year. He had worked there two years before, as the director of a rehab center for drug addicts. Right before that I passed exams for a degree to teach fine arts.

Felt the need for more education, so after our first child was born we went for 4 years to the United States. We went after that back to the Netherlands, to teach in a Bible college and set up a church.. It was because of two women who had severe psychological problems that we decided to go to Southern California, for me to follow a doctorate in psychology and religion.
By that time I was in my mid thirties and had three children. At my graduate party I dropped a surprise and displayed 20 watercolors. A new medium for me.

Loved working in the counseling room, but because of California laws are very strict about abortion and homosexuality, I decided not to get my license. How could I one time stand before God and make the excuse “the California Psychological Association made me do it?” Got a lot of flack about that from some of my Christian (?) colleagues, but my conviction was stronger.
Worked in two group clinics until I was 65. and moved to the country side for six years to paint two 9 x 7 feet paintings, and one 10 x 17 feet one. To my surprise you can still see them at http://artnotes2016.wordpress.com- formerly a page of the jeshstudio.wordpress.com,
– even though that main blog has been deleted.

Most of the art I practice now, is painting in the oil medium. Pastel less frequent, and watercolor the least frequent. The frequency has to do with the subject.
Some people would call me a seer.
Often I have an impression of what truth God points out to me, and he would like for me to address. It does not come to fruition until I see in front of me some scenes of how I could present the subject. That is when I start making an outline on canvas. In the process the mood of the scene comes to me. Surroundings may help me with that sometimes too. With the painting Supernatural Turn I kept seeing and hearing birds circling,
but when I stepped outside the condo they were not there.

People have called my art prophetic, and most of my paintings would fit in that category. People call a painting prophetic if it has to do with the time we are living in and what God thinks needs to be addressed. (Maybe you know that is something similar to what prophets in the Bible did, with proclaiming what God had said to them. My paintings don’t do it in words, but in pictures). Love to use this as a gift of worship. Besides that, I thoroughly enjoy giving painting workshops and to paint in front of an audience what I think God has in mind for that time and for that group of people.