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Truth and loyalty



Soft Pastel, 22 x 30 inch Soldier Coming Home, © St Germain

I will never forget this painting in pastel.
At that time, I lived in a street full of veterans, having been in
Desert Storm, Vietnam, etc., so this subject was pretty much
in line with where I lived. What is so unusual,
I was at this point, painting this
for the congregation of a church. I was almost finished,
but I never could finish it, because
covid broke out the next Sunday.
It was literally, a soldier coming home,
everyone came home,
and had no idea we would be home
for months of lockdown.

That you may come to your eternal home in the figurative
sense because the sacrifice he once made, so he could
take you to his home in heaven.

You might not know it, but pastel is as strong and
durable as the oil medium
(Judging from the sketches of well known painters
like Rembrandt, de Goya, etc.).
I don’t use it as much,
since I often paint for audiences, and most of them
have not enough light to see the subtle differences
in colors to see which I should use.
Also, it is more appropriate for smaller paintings.

This paper is from Arches -cold pressed. I like this rough
watercolor paper, easier to handle
since it gives an instant “structure” to what is
painted. With pastel it gives the effect
of little white spaces in between.

Garden Affair, FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Citty dwellers have points of reference that may not mean
anything to someone not living in the city. This is San Francisco.
Waiting at the open bridge …. I look at my watch ….

Palms always give such a punch at the grey road sides
Der Natur Donnerstag

When my kids were at home, one of the inexpensive outings
(since I did my graduate work at that time) with them
– when gas (for the car) was cheap –
was a day at the beach at the pier in Long Beach
we always went to, since this beach was the closest.
One Word Sun – pier

On our walk through the financial district in San Franciso.
Am not sure if the two guys are also part of the reflection!
Jo’s Walk, Weekend Reflection

You cant walk without eating cookies – have some!
We purchase this tin every December
Makro-Tex (Down View)

On the way home, we pass the Amador City sign 🙂
This city has one main street, haha
Sky Watch

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Oil, 24 x 30 inch, the Widow’s Coin, © St Germain

Give and it shall be given to you – a Biblical principle.
Worked a long time on this one to show
it in a more classical style. Explained to the audience
was that Jesus in the background is not judging,
he is waiting (because in the US culture, having one’s
arms across the chest means: closed off –
not so in other cultures.)

A hard thing to get over, if we have a hard time
making ends meet, that any little gift counts.
Jesus is in the background notices it,
and later he comes back to it, “She has given everything!”
So true, our gift depends on what we have.

Yesterday I saw of a video of a man with a big bag,
asking passers by, “Do you have a few (or two) dollars?”
Then, when the person opens their wallet, he opens his bag
and gives back a hundred times of what they gave.
Wow, wow, wow, but that exactly what God does.

FOTD, Garden Affair, Floral Fri Foto

An icon I never get enough of when walking along the waterside
in the harbor of Sacramento
Jo’s Walk

A tire reflection and birdie
Weekend Reflection, Sat. Critters

Wordless Wed. and One Word Sunday: Sea at Corona Beach
(notice the birds!)

Nothing better than a feathery sunset
Sky Watch

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Oil, 36 x 36 inch, Angels’ Staircase, © St Germain

Waited a while, first showing you plenty of other subjects,
earthly, current, political, seasonal, so you know my life is
not in a cathedral, but in a regular house in a suburb,
and my life is as such. Yet, angels are as real as
the things you can touch and feel, like a camera, a car, etc.

This was a dream Jacob had at night,
while sleeping in the outdoors. It was of such importance
that it literally changed his DNA!
He saw angels ascending and descending on a ladder.
Angels are NOT little cute cherubs. What I know from
angels, I have read in the Bible, and have seen a few.
Many are much taller than human beings.
They are definitely more beautiful than people on earth.
They have no gender. Some have no wings,
others have 2 or 6. They differ in rank and purpose,
and is seen in what they wear.
They carry out God’s commands.
They can be fierce and extremely strong.
Just one example in 2 Kings 19 : 35 -at night
the angel struck 185.000 of the Assyrians dead.
They help people out of many messes:)
(Disclaimer, the yellow in the painting is much stronger,
wile the lighter blue on top is not as dominant)
Diversity in Angels – One Word Sun.

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Hubby has a good steady hand for these kinds of flower captures.
Wisteria in our previous back yard
Garden Affair, FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

A larger view, if you look closely you see the bird house
in between the bare branches on the right side
(the round hole opening and the pointy roof).
Der Natur Donnerstag

Wordless Wed.

Nature as good as it gets!
Makro-Tex: May, Weekend Reflection

Who says the country side is boring?
Always another view of the sky, the fields, streams,
flowers, weather conditions. All from my deck or across the path.

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THURS. DOORS – May (1)


Looking at this room to the left before getting to our table
in the restaurant in Folsum (one of the suburbs of Sacramento)
with my daughter’s family..

A more westernized Mexican restaurant


The door of Olive Mix – the brown and blue barrel is a nice touch. In Old Town Sacramento they have a few olive stores.

One time I posted the right side of the Sole Mate sock store – this is the other side:)

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Acrylic, 24 x 30 inch Flames of Fire, ©St Germain

What is displayed here is the moment the fire of the Holy Spirit
came on the believers, while a cloud is unseen to the natural
eye is hovering over them (the latter is a sign
of God’s presence). The circles of light radiate, enveloping them.

This was fun, and almost like a new thing. Almost,
because I did one of major significance
at least 25 years ago. Went with harder
lines to make it easier on myself.

Photographically, I’m not at the place I can show
that the cloud is filled with pearl (silver) iridescent and gold.

This brings me to nature, which always has
the most balanced shapes –
not too sharp or invasive, infinite variety, and alive looking!
Weekend Reflection

Early crocus spring bloom
in my previous forest yard
Garden Affair, FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Celebrate life – eat cake!
This slice makes me smile, because
it looks bright and messy.
It reminds me on some of my paintings:)
Weekly Smile

One Word Sun.: drink
An American, who was a chef married a French girl.
They became our friends, and when we
invited them to our house he showed us a crate
with wines, because he did not know what we liked:)
Since we ate fish that day, we chose this one.

A piece of text for Makro-Tex in a painting I am still
working on.

Am jazzed am in another state where sunsets
are very frequent and can be bright.
Sky Watch

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Oil, 18 x 24 inch, The Story of the Finch, © St Germain
(the original is a bit darker)

You know by now, that there is no painting
for this painter without a purpose or a story.
Was writing an Easter story once
that led to this story of the finch, who
was asking if her neighbor had her eggs ready for Easter.
Then the bird in the next tree, mentioned it
would soon be the birthday from a 7-year-old boy,
who would love a computer for his birthday.
He for sure knew his parents could not afford this.
After many birds told this news from tree to tree,
it happened to reach his parents’ friends.
When the friends took out the family
for dinner, they had a little flat package for
the birthday boy.
One Word Sun. – Eggs

In the Netherlands Easter is in general for the Christians
(at least it used to be) a bigger deal than in the USA.
Like for Christmas, 2 work days off.
That’s probably why the windmill came to mind.
Weekend Reflection

Wordless Wed., Der Natur Donnerstag
Somehow this reminds me on the grave of Good Friday
except for that the big stone must have been man-height

In any case, it is a colorful and festive day, remembering
the resurrection of Jesus who paid with his life for you and I,
so he can take you to his eternal home in heaven.
Garden Affair, FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Wordless Wednesday

ABOVE: with my 10- and 11 year old partners in crime:)
HERE -part of a painting that I am still working on –
but it does have text:) Turning out to be very timely,
because this year many more eagles have been spotted.
Makro Tex:

Even though this old farm was falling apart,
every time we drove by, I remembered
what a great looking farm this was in its glory days.
Sky Watch.

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