What a heritage believers have in the cross.(this is not a painting:)) Here, on a wooden background ofthe door or my big art studio when we lived in N. CaliforniaOne Word Sunday, Weekly Smile It has been cold, close to zero, but I wished snow would fall. Often, like in my previous back yard!Makro-Tex: Weather … Continue reading HERITAGE


Scroll all the way down for the Thurs. Doors! Already last year in Fall I noticed my approach/style in painting had changed. Not surprising. Had moved to another state, people are different in Texas than in California, the culture is not as rushed. What threw me morefor a loop was that also the content of … Continue reading A NEW YEAR -A NEW COURAGE

THURS. DOORS – JAN. 20- 2022

The roof line of this tiny business in town was so cute, I had to include this door. Some of hubby’s jobs were really worth the stay, while he improved the house. Even though staying in a hotel in town maybe nicer, staying on the job site, shortened the work time considerably instead. Back to … Continue reading THURS. DOORS – JAN. 20- 2022


SCROLL DOWN for the Thurs. DOORS post!(right under this one) Oil. 36 x 36 inch Spheres of Influence. © St Germain“How shall we then live?” was the big question of Francis Schaeffer, a philosopher who lived in Switzerland, more known in the 1960 to 1980. It had been since Bonhoeffer since there was a philosopher … Continue reading HOW SHALL WE THEN LIVE?

THURS. DOORS- January 2022

One of the shops in Old Sacramento Even though rugged I wanted to display this whole wall of one of the stores in Folsum CA One of the residents doors of Apple Hill Farm, CA Back to Thurs. Doors


TO ALL A HAPPY 2022 -starting with no resolutions! Whereas a new year for me was before just taken as a change of date, a new year with a new strain of virus, luckily less strong, makes one spend more thoughts in how to approach this year.These two below definitely took the jump Occasionally I … Continue reading ONE FOOT IN OR TAKE THE JUMP?


Oil, 12 x 16 inch, Come Back © StGermain On Rosh Hashanah two years ago (the Jewish New Year in September/October) I felt the urge to paint this little painting. The painting is small, but it will be the biggest event for believers in Yeshua, or Jesus, the son of God who once came to … Continue reading AROUND THE CORNER


Oil, 18 x 36 inch, Poinsettia Christmas Tree, © St GermainThat year someone gave us a large Poinsettia for Christmas.Because it was so large, it looked somewhat like a small tree.That idea reminded me on the song the Twelve Days ofChristmas, and worked it out on canvas with some Christmas balls squished in between. Voila! … Continue reading ARE YOU READY?


CLICK HERE TO SEE my Favorites of Thurs. DOORS this year! (or keep scrolling down to the end of this post) Oil, Three Thirsty Deer, © St Germain Made this painting as a preparation for the usual summer art show in Laguna, California. To make it genuinely my experience, I chose three deer that had … Continue reading A DECEMBER TO REMEMBER


It’s the whole ambience! This turned out to be funny, and others seemed to think so too:) Since I deleted my old blog last year around April, I do not have access anymore to the doors of that blog. Back to Thurs. Doors


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