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Oil, (part of )10 x 17 feet, The Wedding Feast, © St Germain 

Some of the parts of the 10 x 17 feet required much research.
This was one of them. These are members of the USA
Armed forces, and each Force has a different uniform.
Like before (last week) I mentioned that
where there was a spiritual force, I would also show
the physical natural force on earth.

Don’t know how common this is in other countries,
but many of the veterans in our street have experienced
God protecting them when in battle. If they did not know
God before, they now had no more doubt He exists,
and He fights on our behalf.

Tulips in every season!
FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

We Wait
One Word Sunday (Dec 4)

Sorry, could not figure out if the window partly visible was a reflection or not?
Weekend Reflection

Can’t get without a treat in the afternoon!

Waiting for Winter to come
Der Natur Donnerstag

Picture perfect … for a painting?
Sly Watch

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Oil, 18 x 48 inch, Rehab’s Help to Escape, © St Germain
Rehab, a prostitute, lived on the wall of the city. The Israeli
spies in a land of giants needed help to escape unseen,
or be killed.
In the dark of night she lowered them with bed sheets
to the other side of the wall.

Would you accept help from a known prostitute?
Yes, they knew what she was,
because of the place where she lived.

Hard to wrap our mind around the fact that God
may use people who in our eyes live a despicable
life, to rescue people who are on a mission for God.
Because of her courageous act, God rewarded her.
God has an aweful lot of mercy and grace, doesn’t he?

Sunflowers look good or interesting in every stage of their life.
Garden Affair, FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Pumpkins are a welcome to Fall, they are already seen in the store –
LOW to the ground.
Makro-Tex, One Word Sun (Oct.9)

Wordless Wednesday
Sat/ Critters
In the Californian mountains at 3000 feet, deer were part
of the neighborhood gang.

The row of reflections made this demure office building
Travel Tue, Weekend Reflections

This wild sunset filled up my whole visual field with light
Sky Watch

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Oil, 24 x 30 inch, The Mountains falling into the Sea, © St Germain
Referring to a text in the book of Revelations

Some views of my recent art workshop

Wordless Wed.
Semi Abstract – he bought the paint at the dollar store!

When someone, who has an art degree, visits your workshop
it tells you that you have something to offer:)

The guys – I heard they liked it

Painted with a palette knife. I like to leave people free in choice
of painting medium, and tools they paint with, but I do like them
to get used to canvas (it’s to conquer another threshold).

My second favorite color
Garden Affair, FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Reflections In front of our fave spot to crash and paint
before leaving Yosemite Nat. Park
Der Natur Donnerstag

A cloud landscape!
Sky Watch

The moon is very visible in our back yard … have a good night:)

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Oil, 24 x 28 inch, For Sure he will Die Now. © St Germain

Obviously, Daniel was scrutinized and even hated
by the rest of the government (he worked for three
heathen kings!). Because he did not give in
to the pressure techniques of some.
Doesn’t this sound like a situation today?

Spicy colors for Makro-Tex –
Garden Affair, Floral Fri Foto

Wordless Wed
Center of Austin TX

Reflections in Huntington Library Gardens

The shadows of the sun shining make
it looks somewhat like a crater.
On our way to Nevada
Sky Watch

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Oil, 36 x 36 inch, When the Lion Roars, © St Germain

This painting was a vision a prophet in Ireland had.
I was so moved when hearing it in March on Youtube,
I felt I should paint what she described.
This is the forest of the nations below a rainbow sky.
What she saw in this forest, was the stump of
 (president Donald) Trump. To her surprise
and relief, she saw that there was new life on this stump.
The growth accelerated when she heard the lion
(symbol of the lion of Judah) roar. I don’t know
to which time that refers to.

You might have heard that many were
very upset and angry when his house
in Mar-a-Lago (Florida) was raided,
 a few weeks ago, and the FBI spent
 nine hours in the house while the family was not there.

These kinds of raids have been happening since 2016,
to several people but the timing of this one is
suspicious, just a few months before
before the primaries of the elections in November.

Also, this has never happened to any of the presidents
(who have the right to declassify any document)
One of the rumors (Dinesh Souza and others) about
the reason of this raid is to snatch the documents of the
embarrassing FBI involvement of the Russia hoax
We will see how this story will develop …..
One Word Sun – curve of the rainbow


In Sept. roses are still blooming where I live
FOTD, Makro-Tech, Floral Fri Foto

Wordless Wed

Stil weather to BBQ salmon and salad weather in September here.

Cannot remember if this was shown before!
In any case, not for the reflections …
Weekend Reflection

Wordless Wed, Sky Watch

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Oil, 24 x 24 inch, Continental Flowers, © St Germain

One of my absolute no-no’s is to paint a flower or a lion,
when it is called a prophetic painting. Here I was,
seeing these daisy- looking flowers in a field.
Frustrated, I said to myself, “what’s up with this?”
Then, I decided to again think about what God
could have in mind. At this moment, the same
image appeared again. “Whaaat … oh, now I see,”
when looking in the hearts of these flowers,
having a continent in each one.

I instantly understood, because a whole group in
this crowd was preparing themselves to go
on a missions trip in Asia. Many
for the first time. When I told the
overseer of this group, some gathered around him.
They began to be excited about this and ended
up waiting for everyone to come
and have a group photo with this painting.

Talking about instant confirmation and gratification:)
A little too late to convince me God does not
exist, or is not interested in our daily affairs:)

Mossy stones at a lake. close to San Andreas

Colorized this Photo feature in Photoshop.
Reflections in the harbor of
San Diego
One Word Sun, Weekend Reflection

Have begun to like certain greens. Like on this table

A perfect Hibiscus

Zippy Clouds

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Have you ever had a day that was so good, so perfect,
that it seemed there was no thought of tomorrow?
It would be on a day like this,
when on a watercolor
the sky was lavender turning into a light purple,
the trunk would eventually double itself,
and flowers would spring up in the crown as you looked on.
The grass would show itself only in the softest sap green
and no leaf would be crooked or chipped.
That is when there’s no tomorrow.

Another way of saying I am taking a break. I don’t
know yet if “tomorrow” has come,
but I miss my friends at Wordless Wed.

For my birthday we went to Dallas to the pottery store

Made the mistake last time to not get an image of the color
when it’s fired. One of them was moonscape. After a few months
no idea what that looked like!
This is a new one.

Two of some of my latest pots. No quite finished yet, before putting
it in the kiln. Since the firing takes 8 hours, we wait
till the kiln is totally filled up.

His crepe: Rasberry-Chocolate

My crepe: salmon

While eating these delicious crepes, we noticed this blooming tree
across, with the trumpet-like flowers
Fri Bliss
Garden Affair,
Floral Fri Foto

Green reflection in a red door in a shopping center
Weekend Reflection

On the way up to Dallas
Sky Watch





Oil, 24 x 30 inch, Eagle Rising, © St Germain

In the middle of this painting I got stuck ,
because my intent was for there to be
a few levels of meaning,
instead of a normal view on a landscape.
Finally finished this view after five months.
Almost everything changed, when I went to Photoshop
to work out the changes, before I used my paint brush.

The eagle is the symbol for America. In the grand scheme
of things of the world, this nation needs to rise again.
And it can, with all the promises God gave to this country.
They are written in its mountains, rivers, and fields,
as well as in the Constitution.

Maybe not known around the world, but around 80%
of people living in the USA believe in God
and live accordingly.
What you see and hear from the media
is sadly not the truth at all!
The latter go by their individual view and
their pursuit of numbers watching.

Part of the church though really needs to get off the fence,
become vocal to let its voice be heard.
It needs to rise up by opening its doors greatly.

In the pandemic it cowered and bowed the knee
to the demands and lies of the current government.
What’s dangerous about that?

You may not know, but here (USA) every decision
goes back to the Constitution.
Their declaration of independence,
states that – each state individually – is
for the people,
and is ruled by the people.

Never had interest in politics, but in recent years
things became so chaotic, I needed to know for
my own peace of mind, who was telling the truth.

Coming myself from a country ruled by a king,
(the Netherlands) and a government of ministers,
it took me the last two years to finally realize
what that meant. According to the Constitution
it means that every state basically rules itself
and is able to deny the demands from Washington DC,
unless the Supreme Court makes a ruling against it.

White, pristine, and peaceful for a flower
Garden Affair, FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Wordless Wednesday
Lasr Day of July

Paint concrete for One Word Sun. – that article on Youtube
was very helpful. White is beautiful for a flower, but
for concrete steps I would have chosen another color:)

A lake or pond does not have to be big to have an impact, but pretty.
Love the reflections in front of the image here.
Weekend Reflection

Big impact clouds
Weekend Sky, Sky Watch

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Oil, 36 x 36 inch Three Angels, © St Germain

Don’t turn to another blog just yet.
It’s not about whether you agree or not,
but what happened in the process of painting!

I still lived in California when I was painting this,
probably in Spring of 2019 before moving to Texas.
Trump had chosen two new supreme court justices,
but not Amy Cony-Barrett yet!
I remember clearly, that I was so frustrated ,
since I wanted a male looking angel on the right
(probably because the last 2 justices
who were chosen were male).
Yet, no matter how hard I tried, a female face came out.
Also, I had already painted the foetus before
 I moved to Texas, where I finished it tentatively in 2020.

Remember, I did not know who the next justice would be,
even less that we were so close for Roe versus Wade
being changed back to the individual states.

Another interesting feature is in 2019 I could not
have known about the corona-China virus, but the bridge
 I painted leads up to the Statue of Liberty!
(This one is in the Chinese garden
of the Huntington Library Gardens in Pasadena, CA.)

My focus was on three angels
that would be important for that time of day:
community, liberty, and justice.

You can imagine that I was just as
surprised as you when I suddenly
saw the articles about Roe vs. Wade.
I think it’s a better road, because it should
not be up to judges what I want to do with
my body or not.

Love the transparency of glass.
One Word Sun

This is what happens when you invite a chef for dinner:)
Reflection on the blue bottle.
Weekend Reflection

Almost wilting, but loved the reflected light on these
FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

There is not much sand in Yosemite, but took this capture
for a future painting, for I love the contrasts here.
Travel Tue, Der Natur Donnerstag

Mellow countryside sky
Sky Watch

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Oil, 24 x 24 inch, Entrance, © St Germain

For the life of me, I don’t remember
what this painting represents! But, for me an entrance
into the unknown is always a challenge. My sense of the place
and ambience, also on blogs, will lead me further, or away.
How do you guide yourself?
Only remembered  painting this in front of an audience,
which means this painting has to do with my faith.

Don’t the dual in number and color look delightful?
One Word Sun, FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Seaport Village in San Diego
Wordless, Weekend Reflection

Happy to have a neighbor who spends much care with his garden,
and we get the benefit of the view of this beautiful tree.
Makro-Tex: pink

Driving to Vacaville, CA, a bottom blurry drive-by
but I couldn’t resist this cloud!
Sky Watch, Weekend Sky

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