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We’re going to hop everywhere today = Old Town Sacramento

Hop all the way to the Forbidden City in Beijing, before the Olympics:)
I realized that is a big door across this square!

To a prior school night in Auburn (near Sacramento) . In the back is a door:)

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THURS. DOORS – May (1)


Looking at this room to the left before getting to our table
in the restaurant in Folsum (one of the suburbs of Sacramento)
with my daughter’s family..

A more westernized Mexican restaurant


The door of Olive Mix – the brown and blue barrel is a nice touch. In Old Town Sacramento they have a few olive stores.

One time I posted the right side of the Sole Mate sock store – this is the other side:)

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Might have posted this painting before, but when Makro-Tex
asked for “something blue”” I immediately thought
of this painting. I used the palette knife for this, and not a brush.
This painting was inspired by the song of Simon and Garfunkel
“Like a Bridge over Troubled Water.”
Makro Tex

Bulbs from your forest yard in California, were
the only flowers the deer wouldn’t eat:)
Garden Affair, FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Among the ones of us who like to just wander around
when they shop, don’t you love it when you FOUND
something you were not looking for?
One Word Sunday

These punches of blue awnings and the parasols
add so much charm to this otherwise
stark lines of this restaurant in old Sacramento
Weekly Smile, Weekend Reflection

Don’t these look like bird legs and feet?
Sky Watch

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Hubby and son -the men (over 3 generations. they’re
in the minority in our family: 6 to 9 )
walking along the railroad track in Old Sacramento:)

Could not resist this cute scene along the Mountain Express
with TWO doors!

Don’t know if that is supposed to be a door on the green wagon,
but if not there’s always the cottage on the side~

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Was so enthralled by this tower, I forgot to show the doors
from a better angle, but at least you can see the openings leading to the door:)

In the same complex, another opening leading to a door.
Love this kind of yellow stone

Sunday afternoon – everywhere else there were quiet streets
and traffic subdued, but here in Georgetown
everyone came out, visiting the shops around the church
and it looked like a Saturday.

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