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Seemingly another sock store, because no socks
are hanging on the door, like the other one:)

Serious jewelry here.

Close to the Thai restaurant we were
with a blog friend in Nevada.

Don’t know what happened here … dirty car windows?
But I don’t think it could have been taken this
from inside a car with this angle.
You’ve got to be a painter, to think,
“Oh I can fix this, using the stamp in Photo shop”
But since I don’t want to become blinded
I gave up midway.
Strange that only the doors are not effected!


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Oil, 24 x 30 inch, Little Boys Lunch, © St Germain

This is the original painting. The couple who bought this painting
requested I paint a partial bag over the fish and the bread,
which I did,
because it would not change the meaning.

The meaning of what happened then
was that a 10 year old boy offered his lunch,
5 breads and 2 fish, when the friends of Jesus
did not know what to do, when He instructed them
“YOU give them something to eat!” He had given them
the example before in providing food for
big crowds (like 5000) of people.
This part of Jesus I am liking more and more, with
the passing of years. Not only did he have killer one-liners,
like – love your neighbor as yourself –
but he took care of daily needs all who listened to him.
Who else, who have attracted multitudes has done the same?!

Delightful Camellias.

Happy Birthday Boo (5th grandchild) last week!

Serendipitously with the painting above, Boo
would have been someone to walk up to adults and say
“Hey, I have some lunch – you can have it!”

Nostalgia – found another image of the birdhouse hiding behind the Wisteria where we used to live:)

Wordless Wednesday


for a reflection of the wall of Sutro Bath in San Francisco,
our big boy (6’4″):) Yesterday he told
us on Skype that the day before someone
broke into their apartment in The Hague (Netherlands)
and stole some big items of another tenant and he.
He told us, “I used to come and feel this is home.
Now I don’t feel that anymore .”
Luckily the insurance will cover some of the loss.
Weekend Reflection

The definition of “plain”: “a large flat area with a few trees on it”
This plain is somewhere on the long stretch called The Grapevine,
between Los Angeles and Sacramento.
One Word Sun

Hard to choose, whether like the dusty plain above more,
or this rugged wall -both have its charm.
Makro-Tex: wall

The colors of these CLOUDS
Sky Watch

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Teal – an unusual color for storage doors:) A flyby taken from the freeway

Doesn’t this almost look like a tiny house? On our way to Old Sacamento

Felt sorry for the home owner. Every time when a storm hit, a tall tree (60+ feet) fell on their roof and was smashed – at least 3 times a new roof had to be put on in the 6 years we lived there.

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In process of painting this, is what
has seemed to have been happening since Fall last year.
The dominoes have been falling
So, WHO these dominoes are, I am not certain
because lately so much disinformation seems to be going on
that it is hard to figure out who are really the good,
and really the bad guys. One thing seems apparent,
there is both evil and good in opposite parties
(the blue and the red in the circle), although this is not
meant as a political view, but more of a humanitarian one.

Oil, 34 x 30 inch, The Dominoes are Falling, © St Germain

My sense is we will have to wait and watch
to see what the end will reveal.
This painting was not easy. From early on,
I decided to make a clear distinction
between what was above ground and below ground.
The city above. The blue and the red party,
the underground tunnels, and the children who are trafficked.

The positions of the dominoes, and to make it appear
like they were in a free fall, took a few tries! Since so many
things in this painting are diagonal,
I am sharing this for One Word Sunday: diagonal

An unintended selfie reflection above the bench
Weekend Reflection

Wordless – for anyone who needs another bag:)
Weekly Smile, Wordless Wed

A little bit longer and I will see these blossoms through my window
Garden Affair, FOTD. Makro-Tex, Floral Fri Foto

The smoky colored skies on our drive to San Andreas were very satisfying
for my grey cravings.
Sky Watch

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