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Back to my 10 x 17 feet painting. It takes a while to
talk about 110 people!
In the early stages of this painting
I had sketched in the ten virgins

Time was in my favor, because at one moment I realized,
yes, there were ten virgins
but only five made it to the Wedding Feast
(the title of the painting),
because five did not have enough oil in their lamp.

In need for some warmth of flowers.
We had a winter storm last week in TX
Every yard was littered with branches
and several with trees that had collapsed.
Am happy the city will pick up all the debris
that will be stashed at the front yards
for the next two weeks.
One Word Sun
FOTD, Garden Affair, Flower Fri Foto

This was the second place I painted on Sunday for a few years.
The illustrious building of the Philharmonic Orchestra
in Pasadena. Never realized that this capture had
reflections of the foyer,
like the winding staircase (top right).
Weekend Reflection

Another grand building, this one in Georgetown in TX,
in Renaissance style, but earlier layout of the town
– everything is built around -this becoming the town square

First two days of February –
Thankful that this tree in front did not collapse
like the huge one in the back yard!
Makro-Tex, Der Natur Donnerstag

Sky Watch
Savoring any sun we can get in winter

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The left side of the Northern part of the 10 x 17 feet painting.
My apologies for my Western interpretation! Well,
actually not apologies, but I know that I could have
painted a different view of the bride and bridegroom,
but since I live in the West part of the globe, more people
in the West are likely to see this, than in other parts of the world.

Actually, except for the size (people who are7 feet in height)
this was the most uncomplicated part of the painting,
for I had seen this view before, when I complained
to God that I had to move from the church I so loved,
and I had no idea where I would end up next.
I was standing, and in a second
this view rolled out in front of me
(you may know I am only 5’3″)
In shock, I looked up and down and had to agree
I would not be able to paint this in my condo.

At the end of this series, when I have shown
all the views of this painting, you will see
the bride and bridegroom from top to bottom.

It brought me a big smile
when they gave me the roomy foyer with
big windows to use
(so I don’t have to deal with light when we are painting)
for the Art workshops and small group meets. Also happy
that since the first workshop a few guys have decided to join.
Weekly Smile, Monday Windows

About the TITLE of this post, more underneath the last capture

Just playin’ with the hydrangea
FOTD, Makro-Tex(pretty colors), Garden Affair, Floral Friday Foto

Don’t know why most farmers in California and Texas
mainly have cows, and hardly any sheep,
it’s not only meat but also wool:)
Sat. Critters

Wordless Wednesday
Blurry, but this is exactly how it looked like.
Hard to see where the plants go over into their reflection of it.
Weekend Reflection

The Clouds for Sky Watch and the Sky Line for One Word Sunday

Debbie from One Word Sunday has a great variety of subjects,
and she can, because she is a seasoned traveler
and an excellent photographer.
The skyline may be far off, yet, it is still visible. It immediately
brought me to the psychological skyline. The point
where earth and heaven meet.
Heaven is the unthinkable, the impossible.
Yes, it takes traveling and growing, getting over big rocks maybe,
but it’s worth it, isn’t it? Although the valley is comfortable
and safe, I like to see what’s beyond the horizon –
the unthinkable, impossible – I am all for that:)

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(Part of the 10 x 17 feet painting)
Sorry this shot is a bit blurry, and because of the lack of detail
I suspect that this is not the last draft of my painting.
Also, a part of another group (disciples) is shown here, because
of the lack of space (intended to have place
for as many groups a possible) between the two groups.

Research for each person here. The kimono tells that the couple
is Japanese. The two people above them are
in that same area. The couple on the left are Indonesian,
and the three girls are Chinese. The couple on the bottom
are Eurasian (originally Asian but moved to Europe afterwards).

Talking about this area, there’s much going on right now.
Fervently hope and pray the protests in China will not end
in a blood bath like Tienanmen square. The Chinese people
deserve their freedom and not be treated like cattle,
like they have been up till now.

Which flower could be better here than the Jasmine?
FOTD, Garden Affair, Floral Fri Foto

A heartwarming moment between two birds,
with the reflection of a puddle.
Weekend Reflection, Sat Critters

Colors for One Word Sunday
Oh … where is my white horse in the tree? …

For a full six years we lived here, this Open Air museum was for sale. Any takers?
Der Natur Donnerstag

In the area I lived before, they are having a winter storm!
Here in Tex. in the 70-80ties this week.
Makro-Tex (November)

A cloud landscape
Sky Watch

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En Route, sorry the door is a little dark

A weathered door in Georgetown
May have shown another view of this one before

Nice and tidy

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Sorry, a hasty driveby, so reflections galore:)

The pillar is not as visible during the day because of the trees

My third attempt is more successful – at least the door is visible

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Part of the 10 x 17 feet painting, The Wedding Feast © St Germain

This is part of my 10 x 17 feet oil painting the Wedding Feast.
Just to give you an impression of the size.. Hubby is 6 foot 3 inch,
This painting is 10 feet high. That is why I needed him
to build a moveable staircase, since I am only 5 foot 3 inch.

Part of the process of who of the 120 people
to include in this large painting that was
painted in 2017-18, was this group who loves to pray,
commonly called intercessors. Many of these people do not
only in a group, but every day or night by themselves, as a part
of their ministry in the body of Christ.
They are usually sensitive and action taking people,
who may see things in the future. At one point in time
I was leading such a group by default,

because people kept showing up at our house.
I remember there were times that 
the news reported – sometimes the next day about a significant event
in an another country we prayed for the evening before.

Usually, their daily schedule is not like everyone else’s.
I remember the jokes about my getting up late
in the morning because I prayed between 2 and 4 am.
How do they know when to pray? Simple.
They wake up, immediately wide awake.
Intercessors often see themselves as warriors, so in my
painting we have the visible national army on one side,
and the spiritual army on the other side. The words painted
around them are the spiritual gifts they make use of,
mentioned in Paul’s letter to the Corinthians.


Her face is on a graffiti wall in mid Austin. She looks like an interesting person to talk to!
One Word Sun

The Christmas cacti are already for sale in the stores here!
FOTD, Floral Fri Foto, Garden Affair

Love these views that life stops when show has fallen.
While I am writing this it’s 40 degr. F (32 is zero),
but it’s very doubtful if there’s going to be
some snow for us in Texas this winter.

A reflection from our garage window in the time we lived in North California
Weekend Reflection

This Fall there have been so many pretty skies, and all I have to do is to step into my back yard.
Sky Watch


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Oil, 24 x 30 inch A Priceless Gift, © St Germain

She was looked down upon
because of her reputation
But she was the one who
gave a gift that was worth
a one year’s wages
and put it on the feet
of Jesus …

and put the gossipers
to shame. An alabaster
jar with expensive oil,

which showed the real
condition of her heart.
A poignant reminder
not to judge people by
what they are known for.

Wordless & weekend reflection – Background graffiti wall
with in foreground reflection on hood of blue car
Austin center

French Drain
Shortly after we moved in summer 2020 the backyard
neighbors had a water fest for their grand kids,
and water suddenly was standing in our yard.
Hubby was perturbed, but concluded
our yard must be lower than theirs.
His knowledge about drains to the rescue.
For a “French drain” he dug a trench of 60 feet behind
the shed (on right), filled the bottom with little rocks,
put a pipe in with holes and wrapped them in a “sleeve”
(purchased at home improvement store).
to prevent the water from collecting and standing,
and put a thin layer of sand over it.
No more floods in our back yard!

Makro-Tek: a Moment of being stunned , Der Natur Donnerstag

Can you sing this high as me?
One Word Sunday

Even in Fall tulips look great
FOTD, Floral Fri Foto, Garen Affair

The scenic route to San Andreas
Sky Watch

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Oil, 24 x 30 inch, These Walls Came Down © StGermain

Again, like a repeat of history, as in the story
of the Israelites freedom of the Egyptian Pharaoh
I showed a few weeks ago, this is another repeat
in this present time in how the walls of Jericho
are coming down when the shofars will blast
and “the Israelites” shout their victory cry.
It is said that satan lived on the moon.
The meaning of the word Jericho is moon!
Baby bones have been found in the walls.
These things may be a reason why the Israelites first 
had to conquer this wicked city before they
could go on taking their promised land.

You would be excited too when you had to walk
seven days in a row around a city
before the victory would come to pass.

This painting was much work. Before I paint a well known
Biblical subject I usually look up stock images
to make sure my design and approach of the subject
will be different. There were not many images!
What is interesting is that is sometimes
more work to present something “messy!” But it
was worth the work, because yesterday I met
someone who fell in love with it and purchased
it while the paint was still drying:).

Some bright colors from San Diego to vy with the painting
FOTD, Garden Affair, Floral Fri Foto

It seems in Fall the deer are more visible.
When deer get used to you,
they dare to look at you (they always run away
from newbies)
Makro-Tek, Sat Critters

One of the many harbor views I have come to love
in the same city
Tue Travel, Weekend Reflection

Sometimes it’s not really the sky, but what it’s
leading up to…
Sky Watch

One Word Sun: light, Wordless
on route of Nevada, Lake Tahoe

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Sorry, I missed a few weeks visiting your doors, but I just was too busy with taking care of a new art department that they put me in charge of – so it’s a good busy:)

Black doors for a breakfast place? Hmmm ….

Don’t mind when bricks are painted white

since the doors are so close together this is a great screen door.

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