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Sorry, I missed a few weeks visiting your doors, but I just was too busy with taking care of a new art department that they put me in charge of – so it’s a good busy:)

Black doors for a breakfast place? Hmmm ….

Don’t mind when bricks are painted white

since the doors are so close together this is a great screen door.

Back to Thurs. Doors


Oil, 24 X 30 The Potter © St Germain

Painted this potter years before I started pottery
this year. It often looks right, but my hands
are still so inept that I can’t even say
I am a potter. All the people who do the
how-to videos say that they have done it
for 20 years, so I wish myself success
and even more determination to get to
at least a certain level.

When we think we are our own boss and live
in a democratic society that is largely true, but
in the spiritual realm that would not be the greatest
thing, for God reminds us once in a while
he is the potter, and I am the clay.
Ouch, I have felt that when he made some
moves that seemed illogical or unnecessary,
and I started protesting, “What on earth are you doing??”
I think I hear a chuckle:)

Weekly Smile

My Weekly Smile. Once in a while I’lI hit all the angles right so it’s fairly symmetrical and “normal” looking. At first I balked at the brown clay, but am getting used to it now. Also, it’s not as bad to throw away brown clay as it would have been white, lol (this is how we are kidding ourselves:):)).

African Violets
FOTD, Garden Affair, Flower Fri Foto

Light on white – I love it! Yet, there is still another
light (lamp) on:) Makro-Tek

Moss and Fall are for me synonyms:)
Der Natur Donnerstag

A cool Reflection unintended in a completely a different
style than the cattle and barn
Weekend Reflection

Wordless Wednesday
Sky Watch
These color layers in the sky were really there,
I only intensified them.

The ocean is even more mysterious by night
One Word Sun

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Oil, 24 x 30 inch Cloud as a Fist © St Germain

It was in a time of drought and famine
that the prophet repeatedly said to his assistant,
“Go and see if there’s a cloud.” After the
seventh time he came back with the report
“I saw a cloud the size of a fist.” Upon which 
Elijah responded, “Go up and say to king Ahab
“Prep your chariot and go down, so the heavy shower
does not stop you.”

Elijah had declared the drought 
and the evil king had been “scouring
the nations for him.” You can imagine the reason!
He was used to get his way (he killed a man
to get his vineyard), but not with Elijah,
because his God had more power than Ahab,
who was married to Jezebel, his partner in evil.
1 Kings 18:44-45
So you see God’s goodness always conquers evil.

After hurricane Ian, my mind is on floods. Lots of reflections.
Weekend Reflections

What intrigued me in this image was the large white space (unintended!)
FOTD, Garden Affair, Floral Fri Foto

Something black for Makro Tek, and
Orange Leaves for One Word Sun
and Der Natur Donnerstag

Wanted to make this image lighter, but after a few edits
I concluded we have to live with the dark earth to enjoy the sunset!

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Oil, 24 x 30 The Red Sea Moment © St. Germain

No quite finished (have to put more of my own stamp on it)
but the reason why I’m showing this now 
– which is by some called the second exodus –
is because the political air is buzzing with it, that God is heaping
on the enemy what they had intended for the “slaves,”
rescuing them, and giving them their freedom.
Not without sacrifice or difficulty, but nevertheless!

If you are not familiar with the story,
the Israelites had been the slaves of the Egyptians
for about five hundred years. When Moses
(who grew up in the Egyptian court) demanded for
their freedom, Pharaoh, who may have been his adopted brother-
refused, and God reigned down 9 plagues on the country,
which did not affect the Israelites, living in Goshen.
After that, Pharaoh in a weak moment let them go.

But changed his mind when the Israelites walked through
the Red Sea, when the water was congealed
(kind of a jelly-like form when it gets very
cold). He went after them with his carriage.
 However, since it became dawn, the water went back
to its usual water like liquid form and he and his army drowned.

The similarity of the second Exodus shows up in many resignations,
bankruptcies, death after people lose all their wealth.
I shudder thinking about the consequences of evil. 

With pleasure I think back on the two dog wood trees where we used to live
that bloomed in early Fall
Garden Affair, FOTD, Makro-Tex, Floral Fri Foto

The park close to our house has some interesting creek bends.

Weekend Reflections

Wordless Wednesday
& Smile!
One Word Sun

Last year when a hurricane landed here in TX
( a half hour drive from our house!).
I took some images of the sky afterwards.
The sky was an unusual dark blue.
Sky Watch

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Oil, 24 x 30 inch Tiananman Square

One summer, after our son had spent his first teaching year in China,
we decided “this is our time to go, because we don’t know
if we will ever get this chance again.”
This was some time ago. We spent a week in 4 cities on the mainland.
I kept saying, “All I wish is to see Tiananmen square.”

We spent the last 3 days of our week in China in Beijing.
Hubs and son visited the Big Wall, while I painted in the street,
we visited the Forbidden City (buildings of previous monarchs),
ate the famous Peking duck, and hotpot. All great tourist
places, but I still had not seen Tiananmen Square!

The very last day we stopped at an open-air market
to buy gifts for our family. Then a sudden rainstorm broke
out, and we ran across a large square to the restaurant
to the other side, and ate hot pot (One dumps thin slices
of meat or vegetables, one by one in a pot
with hot bouillon and spices – delicious). After coming out
of the restaurant, we discovered that big square

was Tiananmen square! The cheerful view of
all these umbrellas on this square belies the sobering fact
that once so much innocent blood of students was spilled.
As a memorial, I had to paint this capture after we
came back, with our son in foreground
The lives that were lost deserve it.

Driving along the freeway in Dallas –
judging from the other high
rises, this one looks higher.
Sorry, no idea which company it represents.
One Word Sun – high

Unusual color for the heart of the flower
Garden Affair, FOTD, floral Fri Foto

Waiting for coffee with a striped background.
If you wonder who these people are,
my daughter (strap on shoulder) with her two teens,
and hubs.
Makro-Tex: striped

Wordless Wednesday
Der Natur Donnerstag

A great reflection in the canal and a sky full of clouds
Weekend Reflection, Sky Watch

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