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Yes, you know me! Am still in the process of constructing this new site,
and hope I put it in publishing mode.
You used to know me as Jesh at the Jesh Studio at WordPress. Unfortunately I could not reach my wp-admin anymore. It stayed blank, and after some trouble shooting, ended up deciding to delete the blog.

Just sayin’ I’m writing you since I know you. On this blog I am Jeshie2 with a new url: Let’s blog!

The side door of the Creperie in Sacramento
Thurs. Doors

Love iron gates like these

Two Doors for Dan Antion’s Thursday Doors

My apology to make Thurs. Doors part of my intro page. If I decide to keep visiting every week, I promise Thurs. Doors gets its own post.

Sky Watch
Thankful Thursday

Some more changes.
Don’t know yet if and when I will post for the memes/challenges like before, since the writing of these kinds of posts will take much more time, and the photos asked for may not fit with my train of thought in that particular post.
Going from Apple for a few years, back to windows, discovered it has so completely changed, that each manoever takes TIME (away from my art).

these peaceful reflections, found in the Huntington Library Gardens.
Der Natur Donnerstag* Weekend Reflections *

So, please do not take it as not being interested in your blog anymore. To run All Seasons, took about 2 1/2 day constantly sitting at the computer, and my weekly post sometimes even more. My whole week was run by my blog.

Hope you still will visit me, although I understand not as frequent anymore:):):)

This below is part of a gorgeous bouquet my oldest daughter sent me for Mothers Day.

Wordless Wednesday,
Fri Bliss

Finding my Tribe.
Last Sunday I saw three, two guys and a girl parking and sitting smack in front. Since the young and hip pastor went through his group therapy spiel in the intro of his sermon, asking the audience’s input on what made up their identity (rather not tell you what I think of that as a retired psychologist), I heard one of the three say, “Art.” The second guy added, “More Art.”
That peeked my interest, so after the service was over, I went up to them and asked, “Who of you is the artist?”
To my surprise it was the least likely, the more demure and smallest of the three answered, “I am.”
“Oh my goodness, that is so funny,” I called out. “I had the same experience when people came to our house. They always thought it would be my 6’3 husband or my 6’4 son. But then the latter both turned to the 5’3 woman and pointed, “She is!”
I did not mean for it to be an ice breaker, but that was the beginning of a long discussion how it is for a person from New Jersey and California to adjust to the Texan culture.
It was cute that the artist doing stained glass art said about almost every other sentence, “I like that in Texas they have, do, are used to ….” More than the adjustment to another state we had in common though, my heart leaped in recognition when I talked about my wish to honor God in my art, she answered, “Oh, but I have the same intention!”

I found my tribe.
About time, after 10 months, to have a worthwhile connection:)