Like this door, but a little too much text – don’t you think?
All the doors in this post are found in Old Town Sacramento.
They have kept the outside of the buildings in the style
of the Goldrush ca. 1850 that made California so well known.

Judging from the mask, I took this image during the pandemic of 2020
As a matter of fact it was July 4th, and we did not want to stay home, moping!!
We found some restaurants and shops (non-essential!) open:)
California may be known as a democratic state, but that is “the news” slant.
There are plenty who have been defying the tyranny of the lockdowns!
But what about all those people who died….?
Just an example, in Huntington Beach 177 people died. No, not 177.000!

Another non-essential open door.The streets were not empty.
I just waited like I always do until all the pedestrians were out of the way.

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DAN A.’s THURSDAY DOORS – July 22 My Old Neighborhood

In my old neighborhood in Southern California
is typically suburban.
Things may be older, but people take care of it.
No graffiti. Have heard that in the Northern states
the yards have no visible boundaries, like a hedge or fence.
It’s the opposite here.
Everyone has a fence or bushes and trees to mark their property.

No graffiti. Not even on garage doors. It would be too boring for some.
But I was happy here. Did my exercise walk in my neighborhood five days a week.
There were a few guys who always worked on their antique cars,
and I knew exactly when they would have a show,
because their friends would show up, also with their antigue cars.
One of them once asked if I was a wrestler (because they always
saw me come by with weights in my hands).
Was happy they thought so highly of women (they were all retiring age)

I think the most common door color in California, is a creamy white, with some glass.
So opposite from the Netherlands.
Dark green, navy blue, brown.
Whenever I come back to the neighborhood,
we’ll go out to eat with the one who bought our house.
That’s the type of neighborhood it is.

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A fun moment of my grand and her friend visiting us.

Must be weighing heavy with all those layers on your head!
Or on your shoulders, for that matter:)
Am going to take advantage of it to muse about this subject.
What these two children have done here in play, is what most
adults do in daily life. There are layers and layers we have added,
attractive to us. These are beautifying our bare,
and maybe weaker parts. Am I psycho-analyzing here?
You could say that, but isn’t it also the truth?

Weekend Reflection

If my life was this wall of windows, what would it reflect?
Would it give a pleasing picture that gives a clear view,
or would there be so many items that it would be a confusing one?
Would it be colorful, muted, fuzzy, or a black and white?

Wordless Wednesday, Der Natur Donnerstag

Would life’s bouquet be a pleasing bouquet, or
a tangles mess, you would like to take apart, and start over?
One problem. You can’t start your life over!
So you have to continue living.That is when some may choose
to pretend the past was lost or forgotten!
Or, trying to hide the “bad” parts by putting
something “over” it. Some may be so good at this
that it will even fool our family, or the one we are married to.

There’s one you could not fool with your layers though
it’s because he made you, your Creator!
What is so awesome is “you have all become true children
of God by faith in Jesus Christ, and now you are covered
and clothed with his life. And we no longer see each other
in our former state – Jew or non-Jew, rich or poor, male or female,
because we are all one thru our union with Jesus Christ….
How is that for some of our problems in society today??

Now we are no longer living like slaves under the law.
because we are his, we can have access everything
our Father has
– for we are heirs because of God’s sacrifice
of dying on the cross for us, we are no longer slaves
of religion.

Why would we we want for a moment
consider turning back to those weak and feeble
principles of religion, or anything we have heaped upon
ourselves and weighing us down?”
This is what Paul wrote to the Galatians, chapter 4 –
Passion translation.

FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Mellow grey-blue sky
Sky Watch

For the ones on the wild side, this is their toy.

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When you live in the middle of nowhere, all service related cars are held in high esteem!

Of course one more than the other

What would we do without a sheriff on the country side? He’s the point person for everything, so we do not want to make hard on him. That would be really foolish!

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