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Oil, 18 x 48 inch, Rehab’s Help to Escape, © St Germain
Rehab, a prostitute, lived on the wall of the city. The Israeli
spies in a land of giants needed help to escape unseen,
or be killed.
In the dark of night she lowered them with bed sheets
to the other side of the wall.

Would you accept help from a known prostitute?
Yes, they knew what she was,
because of the place where she lived.

Hard to wrap our mind around the fact that God
may use people who in our eyes live a despicable
life, to rescue people who are on a mission for God.
Because of her courageous act, God rewarded her.
God has an aweful lot of mercy and grace, doesn’t he?

Sunflowers look good or interesting in every stage of their life.
Garden Affair, FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Pumpkins are a welcome to Fall, they are already seen in the store –
LOW to the ground.
Makro-Tex, One Word Sun (Oct.9)

Wordless Wednesday
Sat/ Critters
In the Californian mountains at 3000 feet, deer were part
of the neighborhood gang.

The row of reflections made this demure office building
Travel Tue, Weekend Reflections

This wild sunset filled up my whole visual field with light
Sky Watch

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Oil, 24 x 30 inch, The Mountains falling into the Sea, © St Germain
Referring to a text in the book of Revelations

Some views of my recent art workshop

Wordless Wed.
Semi Abstract – he bought the paint at the dollar store!

When someone, who has an art degree, visits your workshop
it tells you that you have something to offer:)

The guys – I heard they liked it

Painted with a palette knife. I like to leave people free in choice
of painting medium, and tools they paint with, but I do like them
to get used to canvas (it’s to conquer another threshold).

My second favorite color
Garden Affair, FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Reflections In front of our fave spot to crash and paint
before leaving Yosemite Nat. Park
Der Natur Donnerstag

A cloud landscape!
Sky Watch

The moon is very visible in our back yard … have a good night:)

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These are all windows, except for the right one – a door.
What I like is that the reflections show a continuation
Georgetown (one of the suburbs of Austin)

A classical midrow store… forgot what kind of store it was…

Also a mid row shop, but they made certain they would be seen of remembered by their wares outside and the exuberant shape
of the red, white and blue..

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The ones who make these ads have NO TASTE!




Oil, 24 x 28 inch, For Sure he will Die Now. © St Germain

Obviously, Daniel was scrutinized and even hated
by the rest of the government (he worked for three
heathen kings!). Because he did not give in
to the pressure techniques of some.
Doesn’t this sound like a situation today?

Spicy colors for Makro-Tex –
Garden Affair, Floral Fri Foto

Wordless Wed
Center of Austin TX

Reflections in Huntington Library Gardens

The shadows of the sun shining make
it looks somewhat like a crater.
On our way to Nevada
Sky Watch

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Oil, 24 x 30 inch Tiananman Square

One summer, after our son had spent his first teaching year in China,
we decided “this is our time to go, because we don’t know
if we will ever get this chance again.”
This was some time ago. We spent a week in 4 cities on the mainland.
I kept saying, “All I wish is to see Tiananmen square.”

We spent the last 3 days of our week in China in Beijing.
Hubs and son visited the Big Wall, while I painted in the street,
we visited the Forbidden City (buildings of previous monarchs),
ate the famous Peking duck, and hotpot. All great tourist
places, but I still had not seen Tiananmen Square!

The very last day we stopped at an open-air market
to buy gifts for our family. Then a sudden rainstorm broke
out, and we ran across a large square to the restaurant
to the other side, and ate hot pot (One dumps thin slices
of meat or vegetables, one by one in a pot
with hot bouillon and spices – delicious). After coming out
of the restaurant, we discovered that big square

was Tiananmen square! The cheerful view of
all these umbrellas on this square belies the sobering fact
that once so much innocent blood of students was spilled.
As a memorial, I had to paint this capture after we
came back, with our son in foreground
The lives that were lost deserve it.

Driving along the freeway in Dallas –
judging from the other high
rises, this one looks higher.
Sorry, no idea which company it represents.
One Word Sun – high

Unusual color for the heart of the flower
Garden Affair, FOTD, floral Fri Foto

Waiting for coffee with a striped background.
If you wonder who these people are,
my daughter (strap on shoulder) with her two teens,
and hubs.
Makro-Tex: striped

Wordless Wednesday
Der Natur Donnerstag

A great reflection in the canal and a sky full of clouds
Weekend Reflection, Sky Watch

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Oil, 36 x 36 inch, When the Lion Roars, © St Germain

This painting was a vision a prophet in Ireland had.
I was so moved when hearing it in March on Youtube,
I felt I should paint what she described.
This is the forest of the nations below a rainbow sky.
What she saw in this forest, was the stump of
 (president Donald) Trump. To her surprise
and relief, she saw that there was new life on this stump.
The growth accelerated when she heard the lion
(symbol of the lion of Judah) roar. I don’t know
to which time that refers to.

You might have heard that many were
very upset and angry when his house
in Mar-a-Lago (Florida) was raided,
 a few weeks ago, and the FBI spent
 nine hours in the house while the family was not there.

These kinds of raids have been happening since 2016,
to several people but the timing of this one is
suspicious, just a few months before
before the primaries of the elections in November.

Also, this has never happened to any of the presidents
(who have the right to declassify any document)
One of the rumors (Dinesh Souza and others) about
the reason of this raid is to snatch the documents of the
embarrassing FBI involvement of the Russia hoax
We will see how this story will develop …..
One Word Sun – curve of the rainbow


In Sept. roses are still blooming where I live
FOTD, Makro-Tech, Floral Fri Foto

Wordless Wed

Stil weather to BBQ salmon and salad weather in September here.

Cannot remember if this was shown before!
In any case, not for the reflections …
Weekend Reflection

Wordless Wed, Sky Watch

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Oil, 24 x 24 inch, Continental Flowers, © St Germain

One of my absolute no-no’s is to paint a flower or a lion,
when it is called a prophetic painting. Here I was,
seeing these daisy- looking flowers in a field.
Frustrated, I said to myself, “what’s up with this?”
Then, I decided to again think about what God
could have in mind. At this moment, the same
image appeared again. “Whaaat … oh, now I see,”
when looking in the hearts of these flowers,
having a continent in each one.

I instantly understood, because a whole group in
this crowd was preparing themselves to go
on a missions trip in Asia. Many
for the first time. When I told the
overseer of this group, some gathered around him.
They began to be excited about this and ended
up waiting for everyone to come
and have a group photo with this painting.

Talking about instant confirmation and gratification:)
A little too late to convince me God does not
exist, or is not interested in our daily affairs:)

Mossy stones at a lake. close to San Andreas

Colorized this Photo feature in Photoshop.
Reflections in the harbor of
San Diego
One Word Sun, Weekend Reflection

Have begun to like certain greens. Like on this table

A perfect Hibiscus

Zippy Clouds

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