24 x 36 inch, Oil, Passing of Time,© St Germain

When I saw in this vision, I immediately knew
these represented the three blocks
of time, described in Rev. 12:14, as
”a time, a time, and half a time.”
To prevent the”times” from inadvertently getting lost, or
the idea that these “time periods” did not belong
to this series, I added them to the following vision
in a transparent way, as to interfere as little as possible.

These blocks refer to a very significant time, and
appeared on Sept. 24, 2017 in the heavens,
seen in the constellation of the stars
as the woman in Rev. 12:6 ready to give birth,
while the red dragon is positioning itself
to eat the child. This event was seen
all over the internet at that time.

You can see that the visions of crises
in weather now clearly turned
to eschatological events

Then, what I saw was like a TV was turned on. In
the distance was a higher mountain range than I depicted.
A new society, I imagined when I saw
a golden glow over the mountain range,
with rivers and waterfalls,
and “things moving.” On closer look, they were short
people busily doing daily things,
seemingly knowing each other.
They walked with what seemed animal skins on.
They lived in the caves of these mountains
without modern amenities.

This was an extremely bright landscape.
It was much beyond a breath of
fresh air, after all the previous harsh weather
conditions and storms. It had the impression
of a breathtaking beauty and peace.

Notice, the mountain to the left looks from
a distance, like a lion’s face. No matter what I tried to
change it, I did not succeed! Oh well, maybe
it’s supposed to look like this!

White Bokeh

Red and White – you can’t miss!

Moving to another state made me receive
and send cards for birthdays to my family
and for Christmas also to friends !
Haven’t done this in decades! How about you?
Makro-Tex -striped

There seems to be a larger variety of pumpkins this year.
I use it in my curry, breads, etc
Am joining Tue Texture on Wed.

This restaurant had a very unattractive entrance. but their lamb meat was good

The cushions and lamps made a luxurious impression

A sunset in North California
One Word Sun.: Dark, Travel Tue, Sky Watch

Because of the shine of the sun on the water, the reflections
are more difficult to see, but at least you see two tree trunks
Weekend Reflection

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Oil, 24 x 36 inch, Hurricane alley, © St. Germain

This vision began with complete darkness.
I did not see anything, but heard a wailing wind
that grew stronger and stronger. When lightening
would flash and lighten up the sky for a moment,
I saw the fierce hurricane blowing,  and a funnel
of dark clouds going up, one after the other, around the globe.

Up till now I had painted the previous paintings at almost
supersonic speed, and resolved most of the
“painting problems” (among artists: every painting
has some problems that need a strategy) to my satisfaction.

With this one I decided to reverse the sequence:
the starting point became to focus on the finishing
touch and adjusted the design to it  – which was
how everything would appear the
 moment lightening struck. The challenge of this
painting was to present it as an event that could really
happen, instead of over-dramatizing it, so people
would immediately distance themselves from it,
instead of taking this as a serious possibility.

Not totally committed to Fall yet, but leaves begin to turn!
der Natur Donnerstag

Our Lantana became smaller and smaller, and at first we could
not figure it out, because it had enough sun, until
hubby discovered two bunnies becoming regular visitors
of our yard. Well he bought netting or whatchemecallit,
and the party was over for the two sad bunnies,
looking at the beautiful recovered flowers.
FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Not only rain, but it also looks cold here
Makro-Tex, Weekend Reflection

What a difference the sun makes!
Wordless Wed., One Word Sun

Reflection of building across the street
Weekend Reflection

Stormy Sky
Weekly Smile, Sky Watch

MY FIRST VIDEO – not that I wanted to, but how do you say NO, when you hear three times “SAY to the people?”

Anyways, it’s pretty clear I have never done this, and not polished, or much time to smooth over the transitions.

But of course, some of you may need to HEAR this! My link to Youtube https://youtu.be/aZa9OzBz3hA

and my link to Rumble https://rumble.com/vo0fez-talking-points-hell-bring-you-through.html

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Oil, 24 x 36 inch,  What Happened?, © St Germain
Only include this painting when I know
no children are going to be present.

By now I was numb, viewing all the previous visions,
but especially with this view.
It has baffled me for a long time, what it could refer to.
I hold it tentatively  on the period of ISIS cruelty
and violence against non-Islamics.

If it would be a warning, does it mean that this phenomenon
could come back? I intensely wish and pray it would not!

At least four deer here – a common view, looking from my kitchen
window when we lived in the forest.
Der Natur Donnerstag, Sat Critters

One Word Sunday: Seasonal – Fall in Texas

Wordless Wednesday

Roses are red. Carnations are even more red!
FOTD, Weekly Smile, Floral Fri Foto

Love reading this ancient book in the Passion translation
Makro-Tex: book, PhotoAWeek

Our new friend saw this dog while browsing at the art market
and immediately ran up to it to show his love
Weekend reflection

This sky looked like how it sounded yesterday night.
Never have seen lightning strikes following each other
as fast as the blinks of an eye,
and heard so many rolls of thunder. Next
morning hubs told that at one point he felt
the bed shaking! That must have been when it sounded
like an explosion Never a dull night here:)

Sky Watch

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Oil, 24 x 36 inch, The Shiny Wall, © St Germain

This is not the end of the visions yet!
Several of them I saw with a veil of mist over them
so it was more challenging to determine
the details. I sensed that this copper looking wall
with an eye engraved could be one of the world wonders
people all over the world would flock to.

I chose to add two people to symbolize the
intimacy and seductiveness this sculpture carried.
I imagined this to be a symbol of pride,
an all-seeing dark eye, and artistry.
Hopefully some will be able to take a step back,
instead of like these two, being totally
swallowed up by the media hype.

Also the smoke on top was not in the vision. I included
it to strengthen the feeling of mysteriousness
and religious seductiveness this scene carried. Do you
know that feeling seeing something simple, but sensing a
host of other unseen things that cannot
see daylight, are connected to it?

For the wall, I used Golden Acrylic Iridescent and Bright
Gold Renaissance Gold from Artists Oil color and
Winton Titanium White mixed with Cadmium Yellow light
(meaning, I Mixed Oil paint with Acrylic paint to achieve
this bright effect. Not usually done!)

My scene for the next watercolor
Wordless Wednesday, Der Natur Donnerstag

my Watercolor 10 x 14 1/4 inch, © St Germain

Nothing fits October better than red berries:)

FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Reflections of cars across the street
Weekend Reflections

Don’t these clouds look like a flower?
Sky Watch

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Oil, 24 x 36, Sunstruck, © St Germain

When for the sixth time, a vision started forming in front of me,
I immediately was struck with the incredible heat, which would
have been unbearable if I had not known the heat
of Southern California. The sun was just too blinding hot
to look at. Luckily there was some shade
in front of this mountain ridge. My tongue was stuck
my lips too parched to call out anything.
My hope of sleep had by now flown away.

Have not told you yet, that it took me two years
after the visions, before I started painting them.
I started with this one, because it was the most familiar
of all these weather disasters I had experienced.
It became one of my favorite paintings from this series.

Chose a mountain range in Colorado Springs (the Garden
of the gods), where I was for a week to accompany Hubby
for a job (Another deck:)). Loved the rocks there.
So intensely red. The man was not
 in my vision. I added him for clarity,
that it was more urgent than a just dry day in summer. 
It was finding water, or die. I call it my Picasso
touch, for the style reminds me of his early period.

Did I ever tell you where we had our honeymoon
turned out to be the birth place of Picasso?
Malaga, Spain

This opposite view is at the East side of Yosemite Nat. Park.
Foam-crested waves, the sound of the water,
watching the shadows move. I could sit here for hours
and hours breathing in this atmosphere.
(Almost) Wordless Wed., Der Natur Donnerstag, Weekly Smile

Wildly blooming iris with a short bloom period on our previous forest land
FOTD, Floral Fri Foto *

Hope this qualifies for Street photography of
Weekend Reflection. Good job, mom to let your child explore!

October leaves for Makro-Tex

Funny that Thirsty is so opposite from the rain
for One Word Sunday!
Rain at 3000 feet in the mountains is very
different than in town or city. The day before, the
temperature plummets 10 degrees. There are always
floods, here and there, since there are only run-offs
at certain places. Everything gets drenched with water:)
One Word Sunday

Goodbye summer – for most of you. Not yet where I live (Texas)
Have no idea why the blue of the sky in Huntington Library
Gardens did not continue in the lower region,
but there’s probably a technical answer to it.
Please, I don’t want to know the answer:):)
Sky Watch

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