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Oil, 18 x 24 inch, The Story of the Finch, © St Germain
(the original is a bit darker)

You know by now, that there is no painting
for this painter without a purpose or a story.
Was writing an Easter story once
that led to this story of the finch, who
was asking if her neighbor had her eggs ready for Easter.
Then the bird in the next tree, mentioned it
would soon be the birthday from a 7-year-old boy,
who would love a computer for his birthday.
He for sure knew his parents could not afford this.
After many birds told this news from tree to tree,
it happened to reach his parents’ friends.
When the friends took out the family
for dinner, they had a little flat package for
the birthday boy.
One Word Sun. – Eggs

In the Netherlands Easter is in general for the Christians
(at least it used to be) a bigger deal than in the USA.
Like for Christmas, 2 work days off.
That’s probably why the windmill came to mind.
Weekend Reflection

Wordless Wed., Der Natur Donnerstag
Somehow this reminds me on the grave of Good Friday
except for that the big stone must have been man-height

In any case, it is a colorful and festive day, remembering
the resurrection of Jesus who paid with his life for you and I,
so he can take you to his eternal home in heaven.
Garden Affair, FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Wordless Wednesday

ABOVE: with my 10- and 11 year old partners in crime:)
HERE -part of a painting that I am still working on –
but it does have text:) Turning out to be very timely,
because this year many more eagles have been spotted.
Makro Tex:

Even though this old farm was falling apart,
every time we drove by, I remembered
what a great looking farm this was in its glory days.
Sky Watch.

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Teal – an unusual color for storage doors:) A flyby taken from the freeway

Doesn’t this almost look like a tiny house? On our way to Old Sacamento

Felt sorry for the home owner. Every time when a storm hit, a tall tree (60+ feet) fell on their roof and was smashed – at least 3 times a new roof had to be put on in the 6 years we lived there.

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Might have posted this painting before, but when Makro-Tex
asked for “something blue”” I immediately thought
of this painting. I used the palette knife for this, and not a brush.
This painting was inspired by the song of Simon and Garfunkel
“Like a Bridge over Troubled Water.”
Makro Tex

Bulbs from your forest yard in California, were
the only flowers the deer wouldn’t eat:)
Garden Affair, FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Among the ones of us who like to just wander around
when they shop, don’t you love it when you FOUND
something you were not looking for?
One Word Sunday

These punches of blue awnings and the parasols
add so much charm to this otherwise
stark lines of this restaurant in old Sacramento
Weekly Smile, Weekend Reflection

Don’t these look like bird legs and feet?
Sky Watch

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Boo (Grandson) surprised me a few Christmases ago
by giving me this 24 x 30 inch painting
as my Christmas gift (if I recall,
he was 10 at the time). I know that it had much
to do with spending the summer before.
He had announced to his parents he wanted a week
with us to make things (carpentry with my hubby)
and painting with me. His parents and we were all surprised,
but we said “Sure.”
When he came back home, he whispered to his mom,
“I ate all the food.” Another surprise, because I didn’t know
he had trouble with that
Weekly Smile

Yay, it’s Spring. Our neighbor’s tree is now in bloom
Der Natur Donnerstag, Thankful Thurs.

Even Trader Joe (grocery store) is celebrating Spring
Garden Affair, FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

Part of the wall across is reflected in this door
Weeken Reflection

This dog kept hesitating to into the store, so I thought he was lost,
I asked the dog, ‘”Are you lost?” He looked at me, as if to agree.
Also in the store was another dog, asleep on an ottoman.
After spending some time in the store, I saw one of the people
who was working there, talking to the dog, as if she was the owner.
Later I gathered both dogs were hers. Was very surprised,
because on this side of the ocean people avoid to have pets
in stores and restaurants.
One Word Sun., Sat. Critters

Noticed that this sky had two colors blue:)
Sky Watch

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Hubby and son -the men (over 3 generations. they’re
in the minority in our family: 6 to 9 )
walking along the railroad track in Old Sacramento:)

Could not resist this cute scene along the Mountain Express
with TWO doors!

Don’t know if that is supposed to be a door on the green wagon,
but if not there’s always the cottage on the side~

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In process of painting this, is what
has seemed to have been happening since Fall last year.
The dominoes have been falling
So, WHO these dominoes are, I am not certain
because lately so much disinformation seems to be going on
that it is hard to figure out who are really the good,
and really the bad guys. One thing seems apparent,
there is both evil and good in opposite parties
(the blue and the red in the circle), although this is not
meant as a political view, but more of a humanitarian one.

Oil, 34 x 30 inch, The Dominoes are Falling, © St Germain

My sense is we will have to wait and watch
to see what the end will reveal.
This painting was not easy. From early on,
I decided to make a clear distinction
between what was above ground and below ground.
The city above. The blue and the red party,
the underground tunnels, and the children who are trafficked.

The positions of the dominoes, and to make it appear
like they were in a free fall, took a few tries! Since so many
things in this painting are diagonal,
I am sharing this for One Word Sunday: diagonal

An unintended selfie reflection above the bench
Weekend Reflection

Wordless – for anyone who needs another bag:)
Weekly Smile, Wordless Wed

A little bit longer and I will see these blossoms through my window
Garden Affair, FOTD. Makro-Tex, Floral Fri Foto

The smoky colored skies on our drive to San Andreas were very satisfying
for my grey cravings.
Sky Watch

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Good we don’t foresee everything beforehand.
Minor is tongue-in-cheek, for we had to wait
two months for the kiln.
Also, am now literally “poorer,” having purchased
the potters wheel and kiln. To give
up doing the challenge All Seasons to create
more time was harder than I thought.
All for this! A small corner in the kitchen (and garage for the kiln).

But it was all to learn this!
Elbows in – center clay- thumbs to make the hole
keep thumbing till opening is wide enough
use tool to round out walls and the bottom
Use tool to get the pot off the wheel (rather do this the next day!)
………. it sounds so simple, ha! Anyone can do this
(cracking a smile)
A note to Dan Antion: without a class, Dan:)

My first batch fired (except the top one on the left) in the kiln.
Thanks to my courageous hubby to learn navigate
the firing process. It takes 8 hours and a night to cool off!
Sure hope improvements will develop soon
since I like to make bigger things!

A little joke of Fake Fame on my computer
of Fame for One Word Sunday

Joe’s Crab restaurant at the waterside of Old Sacramento.
Jazzed to have such a clear reflection
Travel Tue, Weekend Reflection

The dunes by Sutro Baths, San Francisco

FOTD, Floral Fri Foto

If you don’t know what this is, there’s not much to see,
but this is a deer path clear across our property
and reminds me of all the deer visiting us. Sweet thoughts!
Makro Tex

Who can outdo the sky??
Only real cotton balls.

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Was so enthralled by this tower, I forgot to show the doors
from a better angle, but at least you can see the openings leading to the door:)

In the same complex, another opening leading to a door.
Love this kind of yellow stone

Sunday afternoon – everywhere else there were quiet streets
and traffic subdued, but here in Georgetown
everyone came out, visiting the shops around the church
and it looked like a Saturday.

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