Oil. 24 x 24 inch, The Poet © St Germain

Sized up (or down) refers here to measurements of canvases
rather than someone watching if they can take you out or not!
Somehow a 24 x 24 inch canvas is very easy for me to fill.
The community in Laguna Niguel, California
had this art department that organized evenings
where you could do your favorite kind of art.
Music, writing, poetry, painting, etc.
I saw this poet, with a green velvet jacket
sitting on the floor. Deeply involved in her work,
because she had no idea I was painting her.

Looking in retrospect, the design with a strong
diagonal line upward was so effective,
that I used it for another
painting where an angel was helping out.

Green would not be the effective color here, so
I painted her with a red jacket. Also, sitting on
the floor would give the idea of casual, but
she was anything but that – very intense.

This is what I imagined. She had the feather
(more romantic) of a writer, and
numerous poems were flowing out if her hand.
I imagined she had angelic help from heaven
who guided and protected her.

Anything about the process of art make me happy!

Missing the deer in my previous backyard
Der Natur Donnerstag

Even numbers are more restful to the eye.
That is a reason why designers (and painters)
place things often off kilter or uneven.

One Word Sunday

FOTD, Wordless, Fri Floral Foto

Am sure the pool is an attraction for this store in Fredericksburg!
Originally a German settlers town, circa 1950.
Still many beer joints and German street names
Travel Tue., Weekend Reflection

A dramatic sky is never taken for granted

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28 thoughts on “SIZED UP OF OR DOWN

  1. I see very few deer here. Seems when we first moved in our house 40 plus years ago, I saw more. The painting is so pretty. Glad you gave description. Love the angel guiding her.


    1. Lydia, my computer is in the shop, but I am glad I can at least give acomment back on this one:) How are things in your courtry? Hope better? Emille


    1. Thank you Alan! Next week I may not abe albe to log on to sky watch if my regular computer is not home yet from the shop. I have an Ipad, but I don’t understand their explanation how to do a hyperlink! Emille


  2. A beautiful photo collection. I like the artwork and also the sky view.Just wonderful!
    Have a great day!


    1. Hello Amila, thank you for visiting me. Am happy you like the painting and the sky. Am not very good at being on the IPad, so I rather wait until My computer comes back from the shop. have a great weekend! Emille


    1. Hello Debbie, finally now I discover people like the backstories of the paintings – I keep a specific journal for my paintings. Wouldn’t any creative person wish that profilic flow in their art:):) Your time must be filled up by answering all the comments for Sat. and Sun.- wishing you speed!


    1. Hi Keith, I noticed in the last few weeks that I saw 2 different comments of you in the profile page, but onely one of them underneath the post. Wonder is you edited one, and that is why onely one of them shows up? Many thanks for liking the painting. The flow upward I saw in my mind, and in this painting I was able to make it clear on canvas:)


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