Oil, 24 X 30 The Potter © St Germain

Painted this potter years before I started pottery
this year. It often looks right, but my hands
are still so inept that I can’t even say
I am a potter. All the people who do the
how-to videos say that they have done it
for 20 years, so I wish myself success
and even more determination to get to
at least a certain level.

When we think we are our own boss and live
in a democratic society that is largely true, but
in the spiritual realm that would not be the greatest
thing, for God reminds us once in a while
he is the potter, and I am the clay.
Ouch, I have felt that when he made some
moves that seemed illogical or unnecessary,
and I started protesting, “What on earth are you doing??”
I think I hear a chuckle:)

Weekly Smile

My Weekly Smile. Once in a while I’lI hit all the angles right so it’s fairly symmetrical and “normal” looking. At first I balked at the brown clay, but am getting used to it now. Also, it’s not as bad to throw away brown clay as it would have been white, lol (this is how we are kidding ourselves:):)).

African Violets
FOTD, Garden Affair, Flower Fri Foto

Light on white – I love it! Yet, there is still another
light (lamp) on:) Makro-Tek

Moss and Fall are for me synonyms:)
Der Natur Donnerstag

A cool Reflection unintended in a completely a different
style than the cattle and barn
Weekend Reflection

Wordless Wednesday
Sky Watch
These color layers in the sky were really there,
I only intensified them.

The ocean is even more mysterious by night
One Word Sun

MONDAY – Weekly Smile * FOTD *
TUESDAY – Tue Pictorals * Makro-Tex* Tue Travel *
WEDNESDAY – Wordless Wednesday *
THURSDAY – Thankful Thurs.* Sky Watch* Floral Fri Foto*
FRIDAY – Der Natur Donnerstag * Weekend Reflection*
SATURDAY – Garden Affair *
SUNDAY – One Word Sun* Sun Best *


37 thoughts on “THE POTTERS HOUSE

    1. Is it that it gives you a feeling of freedom? When I lived on the country side what they call “news” was far away. Now in the suburbs all the election issues bother me more, although I know what to do … tighten my belt and prepare more… Thank you for coming by Amanda:)


  1. Your closing ocean is wild! Their is something about a savanna with prairie and trees. So impressive that you are learning a new art form.


      1. Oh I get it, I irritated myself when I went back and saw my comment. It should have been “there is something” so yes, you see something like that that I write just say it. I appreciate all errors being corrected.


    1. JM thank you! I have to tell you about Halloween – you might not know – it is inspired by the devil, and it does not matter to him if you dress up scary or not.


  2. I really like the painting, you can sense the concentration in her eyes. I tried ‘pottering’ once – what a mess, never again!

    The colours in the sky are amazing, I’ve never seen anything like it.


    1. Thank you, Keith. Think about long term with pottery … like 5-10 years? It may be quicker when one takes classes – but I would have to drive an hour for that.


  3. I really like all your pictures today. The painting is beautiful. Actually, I always wanted to make pottery. I did a course once, but never had the right time for it. Now I feel like pottery again 😉
    Kind regards – Elke


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