Oil, 12×16 inch, © St Germain, Bryce Canon, Utah

Doesn’t this look like fairytale land?
This is in Utah, Nat. Park where the red rocks are so overpowering,
The reason why I toned down the actual colors in Photoshop
of my plein air (open air) oil painting.
Most of the painting I had to do at the cabin, because
standing with a fierce cold wind blowing, and having
the canvas in one hand,
and a brush in the other, while taking out
the paints out of the tubes became too complicated.

Love how the sun shapes and also distorts:)
The Grapevine, in between Los Angeles and Sacramento
Sky Watch, Der Natur Donnerstag

Agapanthus, or commonly called the Blue Nile flower.
FOTD, Garden Affair, Floral Fri Foto

(Ceramic round plates Art Market in Georgetown, TX)
Makro Tex., Wordless Wed.

Love this see through roof to prettily enclose the botanical garden
in Balboa Park San Diego
One Word Sun

Posted before for a Thurs. Door post, with many reflections:)
Weekend Reflection

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39 thoughts on “IN BETWEEN PLACES

  1. Good to see you here, the only thing that needs to be reset after a 2 week getting my computer back – is photoshop – hopefully tomorrow!
    Meanwhile I’ve been looking a lot about Canada and the Ukraine -what a volatile year! Coming to the conclusion that in the end it is the people who are not at fault are the ones who are getting killed and imprisoned, and not the governments or the idiotic heads. Something is wrong with that picture!


  2. Beautiful works of nature. The red rocks are unique. Utah and Nevada are so similar. They are like twin peaks.


    1. Thanks for the coffee chat:) Have only been in Utah, except for a small border town in Nevada. Nature in the USA I would really mis if we would go back to living in Europe.


  3. I was there, at the Bryce Canon. And it looks really magical. I also saw a landscape nearby that reminded me of the Shire (deutsch: Auenland) from Lord of the Rings. I love your painiting, Jesh.
    Herzliche Grüße – Elke / Der Naturdonnerstag


    1. Hello Elke, I don’t know about that part of Germany – to which cities is it close to? Am most familiar with the South East, around Hof, Dresden, because we have friends living there. Thank you for commenting on the painting. Have a great week! Emille


  4. I’m so relieved now that the cooperation between the US, Finland and Sweden will deepen! Have a sunny weekend.


    1. Riitta. O heard about that:) With THIS president, do not expect anything though (he is indebted to Russia financially himself, and he has no strength compared to Trump at all – sad to say). We had some pleasant days last week, but this week it is back to cold, haha.


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