Who knows some can get away celebrating 4th of July Independence day
with a group. and picnic in the park?
Our World, Thankful Thurs.

My plan to stick to the url of this blog (the earthly and the heavenly realm) is much more challenging than I thought.

It is more challenging because there are always people who stick you in the religious corner, and equate it to being naive, rigid, illogical, or even belonging in the funny farm.

How to present the truth in a way palatable and easy to understand for others?

Celebrating July 4th by eating out at a restaurant?

Even if you do understand that I am a normal person, it is a challenge to hold people’s attention. Am coming from an opposite side. Listening to people was the most important part of my job as a therapist, in order to find out how to help them with their problem.

Some think that if you believe in God, you should not mix that with politics. After 2016 (a little late in life) I discovered, some of the ones in the government are in it only for their agenda, and do not care if people would live or die, have a job or become homeless, etc.
It is built in me that I do care about people. In first grade I invited my whole class to come to my birthday party, because I did not want to leave anyone out and be sad.That does not mean I agree with everything and everyone. For example, I cannot stand evil.

So here it goes. Saturday morning, it was still dark when I woke up. Much too early for my taste. So I went downstairs with my journal. What was I going to write about? Had no idea, but at the end of the 14 steps, I knew there was a purpose. It was not long until I remembered that earlier on You tube I ran into an encounter of Alison, who I consider a prophet. These were there two thousand years ago, and several had high positions in the government.
The last two years I have heard more and more about them. Dreams, visions, visual encounters are their daily bread.
Alison began to say, “I see children coming out ….” Then with an astounded look on her face, “They are forgiving their perpetrators!” She repeated the last sentence. Then with her eyes wide open. “I hear ten booms!” After some seconds, “I cannot believe it. It is the children who forgive the ones who enslaved them.”

She had my attention. When I still worked, the kind of clients/patients I refused to take on were the perpetrators. Am so disgusted about their deeds, that I knew I could not help them. Alison continued her story, telling about Corrie ten Boom, who has written a book about her time in prison in Germany during World War II. Her crime was that her family hid Jews in their house. Her father was a watchmaker and died in prison. Also her physically weaker sister, who Corrie loved so much, died because of not having enough to eat. Now it got really interesting for me, because Corrie ten Boom spoke at some of the youth retreats I attended.

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I remember catching her after the morning session and asking her one of these impossible questions a teen could have. I told her I had been raised in a Christian family. Then my burning question, “How do I know if I am saved? I don’t remember ever asking God to save me!”
She smiled. I could tell that was an easy question for her. She looked me straight in the eye, and asked, “Do you remember the moment you were born?”
A little bit puzzled, I replied, “No …?”
She asked, “So, how do you know that you were born?”
Now I was really puzzled. “”Because … I am still alive?”
She smiled, “My dear, you even asking me that question tells me your faith is still alive! You may not remember the exact moment when you asked him for forgiveness of your wrong doings, but you being here, and being worried if you still have a relationship with him, tells me you care very deeply about being his child!”
“Oh,” I answered very relieved. Ï didn’t know it was that easy!”

Knowing Corrie Ten Boom personally, made me listen even more intently at what Alison had to say. She remembered, that God told Corrie in her struggle to forgive the ones who had imprisoned her whole family, “I was with you there, the whole time!”
Suddenly Alison understood what the ten Booms she heard, stood for. God would raise up ten children like a Corrie ten Boom, who would tell the world how God saved their life to tell everyone their story of forgiveness.
(As a sideline, did you notice how “ten” was a play on words of part of Corrie’s last name, and the number ten? That happens a lot when Cod speaks to someone).

This was so significant to me, because I grew up with the notion that when someone does you wrong, it gives you a license to take revenge. That is your right, or being righteous … right?

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I held onto this concept, until I got a bigger picture of this.
True, God is righteous, and he will punish evil doers, but He wants to do that. That is not a task for us.
When reading The Courts of Heaven from Robert Henderson and Restraining Orders from the Courts of heaven by Dr. Francis Myles, I began to understand that the whole process of getting one’s rights against evil is the same as in the earthly realm. God is the judge and he is the one who renders verdict, and then he doles out the punishment.
The only (important!) thing we need to do is to forgive the perpetrators. If we do not, the devil can accuse us in the courts of heaven – and he will, because he is called “the accuser of the brethren,” which may result in the Judge in heaven (God) not being able to respond to our own prayers to him.

Writing this post does not mean that I myself do not have any problems with forgiving anymore. It is not as hard to forgive if someone made a mistake, or did something unintended to harm. But forgiving people who hurt kids who cannot defend themselves and have no voice, and keep them as a prisoner, is so low. I am still struggling with forgiving them. Do I really need to?? You know as well as I do the answer to that.

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  1. I really enjoyed your photos today, Jesh, as well as your musings. Forgiveness is often so difficult but for a Christian, it’s something we’re supposed to do because God has forgiven us for Jesus’ sake. That being said, there are situations where I don’t know how the person forgives the person/persons who did something so terrible to them. That too can only come through God.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I know what you mean about people wanting to stick you in the corner if you are religious. Even people who consider themselves religious do that.
    Forgiveness is a hard thing but we need to do it for our own mental and spiritual health. For me personally it is a process rather than an event.


    1. Thank you for your honest opinion, Alan. I can see it as a process, but there is also the danger for me, to then leave it alone for a loooong time – do you know what I mean ?


  3. I love your sunset, and Iris images, Jesh. Forgiving others especially someone who really hurts you can be a very hard thing to do. I know I’m going to get called on the carpet for that come judgement day.


  4. Christians do very so much and to many people the term leads to bad feelings – and so it is nice to meet other believers who are mindful of this – who care about others and bring love into the world – sadly many Christians live that Country Club life that often misses being an ambassador for Christ and miss the joy in the journey
    and your photos here were really cool


    1. Thank you Yvette:) Smiled about the country club ones. Before our renewal at the end of the nineties, I was one of them. Sometimes it does a renewal or a paradigm shift. Now I am one of those crazy outspoken ones, who gets thrown off certain memes because I am talking about God in my post..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. well you just keep letting God lead you – that is really what matters because we all have different modes and different ways God leads us to share – so keep being you and stay genuine like you do


  5. Enjoyed your photos and thoughts today Jesh. Forgiveness is hard to find sometimes but it is necessary for our own health. I don’t believe in embracing dark or bad feelings – it’s like cancer. You have to get rid of them.


  6. So true, Carol! I think unforgiveness may literally make some people sick (physically)! Happy you like the captures as well as the text:)
    Hey, someone wrote me how to get the classic editor without a plugin, and I’m letting you know in case you are interested.
    Click on the box on top with the + to start writing.
    Click on the left of the page, and you can find classic editor under “text options.”
    I tried it out and it works!


  7. Good people are good irrespective of the brand of religion they espouse, Jesh. Evil is evil no matter what language the perpetrator speaks, no matter what religion they are brought up in, no matter what side of politics they support.
    I liked what you did in primary school inviting all to your party. That was a nice thing to do and I’m sure it made a lot of difference to some kids. Doing good and being good to all we meet is just about the most religious thing we can do.
    Thanks for taking part in the “My Sunday Best” meme, good to see you here.


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