Don’t get confused. The captions below the images are just my comment.
NOT part of my story of text….

Oil, 24 x 36 inch, The Matches © St. Germain


This is the first of my Matches Series of twelve visions.
The implications of some are too much info for one post,
so I decided to tell about one each week.
I was emotionally in a very good place,
on a normal week day
So this is not the result of an anxious
or panicky frame of mind.
Many times I have wondered, WHY?
But then, I also know that not everyone
could have analyzed what I saw
and made paintings in the sequence of these
my initial evaluation is that these are warnings
warnings or harbingers, to speak in the language
of Johnathan Cahn.
I did not paint a literal copy of what I saw,
but as close as I knew how.

On an uneventful, but good day,
not having my mind on anything, I sat on my bed.
It was around 12:30 am and ready
to flip the light off and go to sleep ….
As soon as my eyes closed, I saw rain. Then sheets of rain,
going from place to place on the earth.
Then I heard people encouraging
to hold hands, so not to lose each other.
They seemed pretty confident. As time progressed,
the rain became a flood, and the people became frantic
in their attempts to find a spot of dry ground.
By now I had become panicky too.
Why was this happening?
I started calling out “Stop the rain! Stop the rain!”
Eventually they floated helplessly away
like matches in this huge flood
Instantly, I flipped on the light, reaching for my notepad
next to the bed to write the sequence of this event.
A habit I formed when for my job I needed to interpret
dreams. Only, this was not a dream! I was wide awake.
Pretty upset over what I saw,
I flipped off the light, to go back to sleep.
continued below

Seasons are okay ….
Der Natur Donnerstag, Sky Watch

My question was why did these people take on a picture of matches?
In light of the visions which followed, after some months
of thinking, praying, interpreting
it became obvious that matches were the embodiment of frailness,
utterly helpless in a flood. Not being able to function
like they should, to light a fire!
When do people become that way?
When they have become so dependent
on a way of thinking, they are too weak to fight any flood
of evil or disastrous opposition.
Too weak to fight the flood of mainstream thinking.
CONTINUED next week

Across the entrance Lodge in Zion Nat. Park in Utah
this huge mountain range. As long as there are some things that never change
like mountains, oceans
If there is a significant change in these
it may get scary…
Our World

No boundary between our neighbor’s and our yard in the front.
Fortunately they keep things trimmed up
Makro-Tex: thin trunks

A branch of flowers
FOTD, Color Challenge: red, Floral Friday Foto, Fri Bliss

One Word Sunday asked for Opposing. Here it is two ways: black and white, and circle and squar-ish.

Wordless Wednesday, Weekend Reflection

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31 thoughts on “WHAT DOES CHANGE DO TO YOU?

    1. Yes, for a NW-European like me it’s especially mind boggling to drive amidst of copper red mountains. In the beginning I had the feeling of being on another planet:) Thank you for visiting!


    1. Hello Lydia, it’s actually a pretty big oil painting:) I know, my image could be better, lol. Meanwhile I changed the flower image to participate in the color challenge:)


    1. Thank you Colleen. The flowering tree we inherited from the previous owner. Good, because there were plenty of things inside the house we had to prepare:)


  1. Thanks for your photos. Zion was one of the few national parks that we unfortunately did not visit. But the Brice Canyon was gorgeous. And then of course the Yosemite NP.
    Herzliche Grüße – Elke


    1. Hello Elke, Zion is wilder than Bryce. The cool thing at Zion is that it’s easy to park on the side of the road and have a view close up or take a walk:)


    1. Wasn’t looking for these kinds of visions – they were kind of scary, but it’s good that I have the ability to separate them from real life, which was very good.


  2. Nice photos, I grew up in the red country of Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico so I’m kind of partial to it. I avoid National Parks as much as I can in the area.


    1. What’s the reason for the avoidance Alan? Maybe you know something I don’t? I have been twice to Zion, and Bryce, and I’ve loved nature there, except for the scorching hot sun.


  3. The thought of Ida Peerdeman comes to my mind, Jesh. She was also from the Netherlands and she received 56 visions from the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    Disaster, degeneration and war are mentioned in the prayer of Our Lady of All Nations. Fire and volcanic eruptions (from your 2nd and 3rd series) are symbolic of more impending disasters. At least, that is my interpretation of your paintings. Ignore me if you think I sound crazy.


    I hope what I commented makes sense to you.


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