A cell phone pic taken by daughter,
of happy past times when we were living
closer to at least two of our adult children with their kids.

Thankful for friends on this Thanksgiving,
but in anticipation of this Christmas, when
our son at the far end of the table (living in the Netherlands)
hopefully will finally be able to visit us after 3 years,
(if there’s no lockdown!) because of the
political upheavals of covid. Hubby and moi on right side.

One of my big paintings as a backdrop for the
bouquet of carnations, chrysanthemums, and baby breath
FOTD, Floral Fri Foto


Miss the un-manicured beauty of the forest around
our previous house in California.
These are Manzanita trees, of which the wood
would explode in one’s woodstove.
Sun. Best, Makro-Tex -nature

Don’t know how much coffee will consume on
Thanksgiving day, but at least this view gives reflections
Weekend Reflection

Shiny lights

Kids are easy, they don’t ask questions, have to renew
their make-up, or straighten their clothes:)
One Word Sunday – peep

Wordless Wed., Sky Watch

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30 thoughts on “GIVING THANKS

  1. I’m happy to read that your son will be able to visit for Thanksgiving. We’ll host my parents and my brother and his family for Thanksgiving but our girls and son-in-law won’t be here for either Thanksgiving or Christmas. Sigh. But that makes me thankful for Zoom/FaceTime!! I hope you have a blessed holiday, Jesh. I especially enjoyed the shot with the flowers in front of your painting and the manzanita trees.


    1. Thank you Janet! He was going to be with us the days before and with Christmas, IF there is not a lockdown! It seems in Europe they spring that onto the nation only one day in advance (last year for Christmas and New Year). Reading news this week there are now violent protests in several countries against lockdown in December. Sigh, so I maybe in the same boat as you are, Feel sorry for my son because he had already bought tickets to TX and CA. In the summer he was in Germany, so my guess is he thought this whole thing (covid) is over.


  2. Your painting looks fantastic. And huge.
    I hope your son makes it for Christmas. I thought the Netherlands was going back into lockdown but I might be mixsing that up. We’re just out so watching Europe with a sad heart…


    1. Lydia, unfortunately, son made his plans for a month of vacation a little (too) early, because the news about plans for lockdown after he had already scheduled when he was going to visit us. We’ll see what happens. A protest in Rotterdam is very unusual!
      We have been away too long to really know what the prevalent mood about this is in Europe.


  3. Happy Thanksgiving Emille. In Canada we celebrated our Thanksgiving in October. Christmas is our big celebration and this year my whole family will be here. Our son and his wife and daughter will be flying in from London and his twin sister and her family are flying in from the East Coast. Along with our oldest daughter and her spouse, who live close to us, we will have 10, possibly 15 people for Christmas dinner. Great gallery of photos for the week. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Wow, it sounds similar to my family if everyone is there, but this year it will be different, since my middle daughter is in the last stages of her teachers education, and has all kinds of deadline, my oldest daughter has been here already twice this year, the last time 2 weeks ago for a whole week. The only one who will come is our son, when he will be able to since right now there are big and violent protests since several countries plan a lockdown around the holidays. So we will see what happens.


    1. Dear Elke, somehow I must have missed that it’s now every other week for DND – thanks for letting me know. Still, it’s always a pleasure to visit since your weekly adventures are fun to visit:):)
      I had a great thanksgiving! Greeting from Texas!


    1. In the area we lived, the manzanita trees are quite prevalent, only in the Northen part of California, not at all in the southern part, where we lived before moving North, so a large art studio could be built.


    1. Hello Peter, you must see the Manzanitas in your weekend adventures around Yoshua Tree! The red in the trunk and branches are easily recognizable, even for cityslicker like I:)


    1. Thank you Allen! Like with Dan Antion who does Thurs. Doors I hope you had time in between your Thanksgiving day meal bites to get to reply to everyone:) My hat off to you both:):)


  4. Pretty pictures and the manzanita tree trunks are amazing! The covid situation in Europe is alarming, due to the new virus mutation found in South Africa. The situation in Finland is getting worse day by day. We’ll get our third vaccination just before Christmas. Because of the situation our Christmas plans are totally open. I do wish your son makes it!


  5. I hope your son is able to make it back to the US. Times continue to be trying with Covid. Thanks for linking up.


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