Thought all the reflections in doors and windows here, and the dappling sunlight were cool

The name of this store probably appealed more to an earlier era, but they do have some cool things in there!
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9 thoughts on “DAN’S THURS. DOORS -Aug.

    1. It is a great place to hang out – very telling: on Sunday most shopping areas in Texas are deserted. but one Sunday afternoon we came here, and it looked like it was Saturday – people groups, families with kids, everyone having a good time.

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    1. I can tell you are more and more getting into the flow of Thurs. Doors , by what you are posting (it must cost you also more time) – my creativity hasn’t reached the area of “doors” yet:) Hugs back:)


    1. Am happy you are enjoying them. Now I wished I could give you the experience of the stores they represent, but who knows what technology will be capable of in the future! Happy weekend to you.


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